Currently starring in Jessica Biel’s highly-anticipated thriller Cruel Summer, Froy Gutierrez talks internet culture, redefining masculinity, and the ethics of true crime.

Froy Gutierrez Cover
Froy Gutierrez Cover

Starring alongside Olivia Holt and Chiara Aurelia in the hotly anticipated new TV show, Cruel Summer, Froy Guttierez is about to become Hollywood’s next golden boy.

Previously catapulting into the spotlight after playing the emotional ‘Nolan’ in Teen Wolf, Froy’s heart-stopping performance as ‘Jamie Henson’ is about to make a case for hot boy summer. Produced by Jessica Biel and set in a small Texas town in the ‘90s, Cruel Summer twists love, lust, mystery and abduction into one addictive melting pot. Covering our Summer issue, don’t miss the heart-throbs powerful performance debut on Freeform today, and Hulu tomorrow.

Pre-order the Summer 21 issue now…

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