Mainstream explores the underbelly of social media stardom and we get a look at the final season of Pose in this week’s TV and film round-up.

Screen Wonders Pose
Screen Wonders Pose


Whether you love it or hate it, social media is very much ingrained in our society, and new movie Mainstream is here to remind you of this. With Andrew Garfield heading up its star-studded cast, this movie takes us on a wild journey as we see Frankie (Maya Hawke) and Link (Garfield) shoot to internet stardom. The movie, brought to us by Gia Coppola, promises to expose the dark underbelly of social media fame, as we see the characters threatened by life-ruining situations at the peaks of their careers. With cameos from the likes of Jake Paul and Patrick Starr laced throughout this trailer, it is safe to say we will be eagerly awaiting the release of this movie which is set for May 7th.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Angelina Jolie is set to step into the shoes of firefighter Hannah Faber in the new thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead. Based on the novel by Michael Koryta, the movie brings us the likes of Nicholas Hoult and Tyler Perry on a journey filled with forest fires and assassins that Hannah and her teenage companion – who is traumatised after witnessing a murder – must navigate. The trailer, which features explosive twists and suspenseful scenes, will have you on the edge of your seat and promises big things for the film’s release on May 14th.

Mare of Easttown

Kate Winslet has been the star of some of our fave romantic movies including The Holiday and Titanic. However, the new mini-series Mare of Easttown promises to show her in a completely different light. Stepping into the shoes of the introverted and tortured detective Mare Sheehan, we follow Winslet as she attempts to investigate a harrowing murder in a small town situated in Pennsylvania. With an exploration of the darker side of close communities and the effects of past traumas all set to lace this intense seven-part series, we are anxiously awaiting its release on April 18th.


Marvel are back again with yet another highly-anticipated trailer. This week, we have been blessed with the trailer for Loki which will see Tom Hiddleston reprise his role of everyone’s favourite evil God. The TV show, which will be streamed on Disney+, follows Loki as he is arrested by the Time Variance Authority and instructed to undo the damage he has done to reality during his previous mischievous endeavours. The show is set to be released on June 11th and will see the likes of Owen Wilson and Sophia Di Martino star alongside Hiddleston.


The third and final trailer for Ryan Murphy’s Pose is here. With an exploration of the devastating AIDS crisis lying at the heart of this show, it has already taken us on a highly emotional ride. We jump to 1994 in the final season as we watch Pray Tell (Billy Porter) battle unexpected health issues and Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) juggle motherhood and a new relationship. With the season set to come to an intensely emotional end, with its characters reflecting on their pasts and looking to the future, have your tissues ready for May 2nd when the show airs.

Jupiter’s Legacy

Netflix is bringing us a brand new superhero-fuelled drama. Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy is set to follow a band of young superheroes reluctantly step into their parents’ shoes upon their retirement. Spanning across a plethora of decades, we see the work of the superhero parents and the burden of their legacy that their children must carry. Set to explore themes of loyalty and family dynamics, this show promises to show us superheroes as we have never seen them before.


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