The Barking-born country singer is back with a mesmeric video for her X-Factor winning hit – “This”.

Megan McKenna
Megan McKenna

Barking-born reality star turned-country-singer Megan McKenna first entered public consciousness via the likes of small screen institutions Ex On The Beach, Celebrity Big Brother, TOWIE, Celebs Go Dating, even going on to bag her own mini docu-series There’s Something About Megan – but this was just her getting started.

Known for her on-screen antics and hilarious one-liners, many would be surprised to learn that McKenna has one of the best voices in the game, at least until she took to (and won) the Celebrity edition of X-Factor. Week after week her soft and powerful croon landed her in the top spot of the competition, at times besting Roxette in a performance of “It Could Have Been Love”, or even herself with a whole host of tracks pulled from her debut album – Story Of Me.

Following a wild 2 years of touring and songwriting with some of the industry’s biggest hitmakers, McKenna is returning to the stage with her sophomore album, introducing the project with “This”. You may remember the mesmeric track from her final X-Factor performance, a twinkly ballad about chance, love and making your dreams come true. As she tells us below, 2021 is the year of Megan, so expect big hits and even bigger performances as she hits the road on tour this summer.

Check out the video and interview below…

Hi Megan – how have you been during this uncertain time? How has it impacted your music and creativity?
I’ve been doing really well thanks. I’ve been using this time to be at home with my dog Daisy and been on zoom writing sessions, writing loads more songs ready for my album release later this year. It’s been nice to finally live in the house which I built because previously I was always so busy I was hardly at home.

Congratulations on releasing the music video for your single “This” – what was the song inspired by?
It’s a motivational song during which I try to show that you’re put on a certain path in life for a reason – as they say ‘nothing worth having comes easy!’ It only takes one person to believe in you to take you to the next step. Believe in yourself and never let anybody tell you you can’t do something.

It’s this huge sweeping love ballad – do you have a favourite lyric in it?
This song can mean anything to anybody it can be about friendships, relationships, careers, dreams. My favourite lyric is “Out of a hundred no’s, you only need one yes.”

How did you want it to make your fans feel?
Like they’ve been taken into a magical bubble of belief and happiness and understand that they should never give up on what they truly believe in.

In the music video are these beautiful, cinematic visuals in a chapel – what did you want to evoke with it?
I chose an abandoned chapel because I wanted to create an ethereal mood for this video. Churches are places of honesty and vulnerability so I felt like that was the perfect environment, to show myself opening up to the world and going on my journey. It’s a very stripped back, emotional performance which shows me finally getting a breakthrough and seeing a bit of light. The glitter represents all the magical things happening in my life and symbolises my emotions. It’s like a wild ride on a rollercoaster but ends on a positive note with the realisation that I’m just a normal vulnerable girl who wants her dreams to come true.

And you stole the show with a performance of it on The X Factor: Celebrity – did you think it would have the emotional effect it did?
I performed it exactly how I wanted to. All I had to do was sing from the heart which was easy to do as it’s my own story, they are my own lyrics, so they did the work for me.

You spent the last year songwriting with huge hitmakers – what has 2020 taught you?
I’ve learned to live in the moment because you never know what is around the corner and everything can change in a moment.

How have you honed your music and craft since you dropped your acclaimed debut country album Story Of Me back in 2018?
I’ve massively improved with my writing skills. Having worked with some of the biggest songwriters in the US & UK has given me so much confidence. Plus performing to millions of people week in week out has made me realise I can do anything. This has definitely prepared me for my upcoming live shows this Summer.

What’s been your biggest pinch-me moment of your career so far?
Winning the X Factor & opening for Michael Bublé at Hyde Park, British Summer Time.

You’re booked to play the main stage at the Isle of Wight festival this summer, and also scheduled to support Lionel Richie on his upcoming UK tour – are you excited for the upcoming year?
Yes! This is going to be the year of Megan I can finally show the world what I’ve been prepping to do throughout this whole lockdown and I cannot wait to see everybody’s faces when I’m out there on stage.


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