The Drums celebrate an iconic birthday while Jorja Smith dons her glad rags in this week’s music playlist.

Jorja Smith Addicted Wonderlist
Jorja Smith Addicted Wonderlist

Jorja Smith – “Addicted”

Hot off the heels of her Popcaan-featuring dancehall banger “Come Over”, Jorja Smith gets crafty in the video for new single “Addicted”. Filmed entirely on her Macbook, the endeavour might be Smith’s most intimate yet, donning different versions of herself in glitzy party dresses and Fifth Element-esque bodysuits. The song is about not getting that 100% from your other half, a puzzling equation when you find yourself wholly devoted to them, told over smooth and reverberating broken beats. There are even fireworks!

The Drums – “When I Come Home”

In lieu of the seminal indie classic known as Portamento celebrating its 10th birthday, The Drums’ Jonny Pierce blessed us with a two-track of previously unheard The Drums tunes. “When I Come Home” is our favourite, a woozy and beautiful reminder of the carefree early 2010s, a time where we didn’t have to know what the fuck an NFT was and Glee was still kind of cool. I think it’s about time we bring back that era of radio-friendly twinkly pop tunes, the type that just wouldn’t leave your head after hearing them on one (1) advert for Homebase – what say you?

Tiiva – “COLLIDE”

Experimental pop-producer Tiiva dazzles us this week with “COLLIDE”. The track is full of electrifying euphoria and tinny vocals, a reckoning with those moments of unabashed emotion where you let go to feel truly human, upholding no falsehoods or facades. Tiiva hones in on this vulnerability through the microscopic lens of her work, a reminder that despite it all, and no matter how alone we feel, we’re still here.

Gretta Ray – “Duology 1”

Gretta Ray’s double-a sided “Duology 1” proposes a new era for the singer, one joined by themes but separated in creative nature. “Bigger Than Me” & “Readymade” both tackle Ray’s complicated relationship with creativity, the former in exhilarating, shimmery pop, the latter a darker, thematic experience altogether. “Bigger Than Me” represents the bright lights and open arms of a new city welcoming you into its lap, “Readymade” is about life after the curtain call, when you’re alone with nothing but your thoughts, who’ve gotten you this far. It’s a fascinating union, and one we can’t wait to see progress through the year as we undoubtedly encounter more twists and turns.

Tim Chadwick – “Favourite Song”

Well if this isn’t a volcano of euphoric magic if we’ve ever heard one. Tim Chadwick’s “Favourite Song” – the first track off his sophomore EP Timothy – starts off as a stripped-back and subdued little number. Building with a calm speed, it’s not long before he dives into a whirlwind of exhilarating chorus lines, distant calls and twinkly synths, the best kind of chaos found only in pop songs. Chadwick’s tune explores comfort and change, how memories are tainted or made that more special by the little things, a scent, a colour, or, in this case, a favourite song. As far as EP openers go, this one packs more than a punch – but we’ll take the pain every time!

Junodream – “Travel Guide”

British quintet Junodream are back on the Wonderlist this week with “Travel Guide” –– a tune formed around themes of destructive tourism and the myth of escapism. Sure you might be under the blistering sun, but the beaches can be just as pebbly and the resorts just as banal as life back home. This is all illustrated in the track’s accompanying video, where a jet-setting dinosaur unintentionally wreaks havoc on mice island, destroying its picturesque surroundings with her strange behaviours. We’ve been in lockdown so long that Mice Island actually sounds quite appealing, so we wont judge the dinosaur too harshly.

Vök – “Lost In The Weekend”

Ending the list is none other than Vök, a Reykjavik-based trio led by singer-songwriter Margrét Rán. Blending electro, pop and indie with stylish ease, “Lost In The Weekend” employs many a searing, industrial synth to get its kicks. It’s the type of song you want to have sex to, being thrown around to slow, bass heavy rhythms that tug and pull every which way – now that’s how you actually get lost in the weekend.


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