PC Music, Digga D & Taylor Swift bring the year to a close in 2020’s final music playlist.

Taylor Swift willow wonderlist
Taylor Swift willow wonderlist

Burial – “Chemz”

We luvs a surprise release, you know we does! (Can you tell we’ve rewatched both Gavin and Stacey Christmas special’s six times this week?) Club music’s answer to The Stig has absolutely knocked it out of the park with his latest release, a 12-minute smash combining 2-step, footwork and a sample of the best song of the entire 2010’s (Wolf Alice – “Don’t Delete The Kisses”). What a gorgeous reminder that not all songs need to be 2 minutes short for TikTok, and that we really should be giving Wolf Alice more credit in all areas of our lives.

Digga D – “Daily Duppy Pt. 2”

Digga D is one of the fiercest stars revving the engine of the UK music scene, his rapid ascent a testament to a beyond loyal fanbase and a determination to defying the odds. Having revealed a more intimate side to his life following the BBC3 documentary on his life in November, Digga D is back on form, taking on the realm of Drill with a hop in his step and several jokes up his sleeve. On his first Daily Duppy, an essential right of passage for any rising star in the UK Rap scene, Digga hops on two beats with equal amounts of tenacity and lyrical flair, rivalling the likes of Ivorian Doll with his cheeky wordplay and never-ending rolodex of punchlines.

PC Music – Pop Caroler’s Songbook

If you know PC Music, you’ll know the only thing the sprawling London-based collective loves more than a chipmunked vocal or a glossy single artwork, is a compilation. Pioneering some of lockdown’s first livestream club nights in collaboration with Club Quarantine, as well as on a plethora of Minecraft servers, A.G. Cook enlisted some of his best warriors for a virtual Christmas sing-along in aide of the Trusell Trust. There were two Mariah Carey covers, festive drum and bass wonders, even a Hannah Diamond pop girl moment, but Alaska Reid’s devastating “Oblivion” remake was by far our favourite pick from the extensive tracklist. Making a confident (and extremely late) entry to best track of the year, you’ll get a tear out of the hardest of nuts once this track reaches its dramatic crescendo.

Ghetts – “Proud Family”

This sizzling slow-burner had slipped under our radar until a few days ago, the vibes too smooth and serene for last week’s lot of hard-hitters and haunting synth wonders. Ghetts’ “Proud Family” is all about the ones who raised you, a poignant note to end the year one predating London’s mass Tier 4 exodus last week. Whether it be blood or chosen, Ghetts’ spoken cadence makes us feel warm and fuzzy, like a hug from a loved one, a security blanket of words and lo-fi beats, as he pays tribute to those we owe our lives to.

Taylor Swift – Willow (the witch collection)

As if two albums, a documentary, a live recordings EP and several Folklore album breakdowns weren’t enough to satiate the ever ravenous Swifties this year (ourselves included), for her latest #1 hit, Swift has reimagined Evermore intro track “Willow”, or should we say W#1llow, three times over. Things start off stripped back and merry, pivoting to echoing, poppier territories with the dancing witch version courtesy of Elvira (not the Mistress of the Dark). Then come versions for the lonely witches and fans of solemn piano chords, ending with a twinkly nod to the lovers of moonlight and the bewitching energy of an empty street before midnight.

Bailey Slater

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