From WAP dances to how do you eat pancakes, we count down the best TikToks made this year.

Sweetie icy girl TikTok
Sweetie icy girl TikTok

2020 was a year of many things: pandemics, protests and nail-biting elections, but the real MVPs of documenting this year, whether it be with their addictive dances or biting sense of humour, is the TikTok community. Giving us an insight into the world of Gen Z, heavyweights such as Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio, who have now built huge careers off the back of the app, pulled us away from mundane day-to-day life activities and into a world that can only rival that of 2014 Vine.

Putting famous names aside, the real stars of the TikTok world aren’t those with a million followers or are particularly famous, instead, the community comprises of bedroom stars with a hilarious sense of humour that is so wild and stupid it blinded us from the troubles of real life for a few minutes. But what started as a few minutes at 9:54 am when you wake, ends at 1:33 pm when the snacks have run out and numerous failed attempts have left you feeling defeated. It’s clear not everyone has the ingredients to make a good TikTok; a sharp sense of humour, an astute observation of everyday life and energy for the meticulous editing process.

But while thousands of videos are uploaded every day, there is something for everyone on the app, as it offers us first-hand insight into rising internet culture and our 2020 wouldn’t have been the same without it. Looking back on the year and our yearly screen time, it’s clear we’ve spent endless hours on the app. Could we have done something more productive with our time? Probably, but we definitely needed to catch some jokes this year, and with that being said, we’ve rounded up some of the best TikToks that have been etched in our brain and we don’t think we’ll ever get enough of.

We wish 2020 was as smooth as this video


Thought I would be smooth with it… (This blew up once can we do it again) 🙂 #fyp

Whoopty – CJ

The OG renegade

We can’t tell what was weirder, the way she eats the pancake or the slice of ham at the end.

All rise for our national anthemn.

We felt his frustration.


This deserves to go viral omg ( Follow @kindfeels for more ) #funny #dog #mad #fun #trending via – hunterdesigncompany

original sound – Lyrics

We lived lockdown vicariously through this group.


Labour day!!!!@nickk_mcdonald @nathanieljames1 @jaydlake #labourday

Move Your Feet – Junior Senior

The Real Housewives Of Cinderella

We all have that one co-worker…

We have no idea what they’re saying, but this got stuck on repeat.



Mi Pan Su Sus – .

We WAP’ed all summer long


Don’t remember this episode of DanceMomsfit from @bleachedtiedye #wapchallenge

WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

Pick your fighter!

If you made it to the end of this list, here is a baby goat for you.