Know his name: meet the brother of Madison Beer breaking out on his own with fast-flowing beats and body-shaking basslines.

Ryder Beer side on
Ryder Beer side on

Although Ryder is new to the music scene, the 18-year-old up-and-coming producer is showing, via fast-flowing beats and slick thundering basslines, that the love for music runs through the family. Brother to singer-songwriter and internet sensation Madison Beer, Ryder has grown up watching the rise of his sister’s music career, realising at an early age that he also has an ear and inherent talent for creating hits. Ryder’s creativity comes from behind the boards with natural talent on the production side of things, in particular tantalising hip-hop – designed to get the body moving.

Currently a student at Berklee School of Music, Ryder has been dedicating his time to making music, honing his craft and experimenting mixing old-school tunes with new school sensibilities and innovative production techniques to produce his own flare around the genre. Ryder is set to drop his debut project early 2021 and is focusing on making new collaborations in the upcoming year. Watch this space very closely indeed.

We caught up with the wunderkind and talked about his inspirations, dream collaborations and his sister Madison Beer…

Ryder Beer face on
Ryder Beer face on

How can you summarise the story of Ryder Beer so far?
It’s funny, my mum always jokes and reminds me that as a young child sitting in a highchair, I’d always be tapping my fingers while she was feeding me. I remember my karate teacher in elementary school calling me ‘tapper boy’ because I was always tapping my fingers. I guess it’s just in my blood. I took drum lessons growing up but when I discovered finger drumming it won me over… so that combined with producing beats has become my passion!

What was your earliest experience with music and when did you realise that’s what you wanted to pursue a career?
I grew up in a home that always being played and a diverse range of music as well. I was drawn to music at an early age. I’d always be counting beats and adding my finger tapping to the music playing and using whatever was in front of me from a tissue box to a milk carton, empty glass- – you name and I’ve definitely have used it in my music! I’d say my earliest memory of gravitating to making music was definitely under 10 years old.

Who would you like to work with?
Such a tough one, so many dope artists out there but if I’d had to pick two, I’d say Jay-Z/J. Cole.

Who are your biggest inspirations and musical idols?
Drake and Kanye have been my inspirations since I can remember. Drake never gets it wrong and Kanye is musical genius. The two of them to me, are legendary.

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What’s your favourite track at the minute?
Hands down, “444” by Jay Z.

What’s your favourite album of all time?
“More Life” by Drake on repeat. Never gets old.

Outside of music what inspires you?
I find inspiration in so many things. It can be something simple or beautiful. Even a heroic video on the dodo or something as fun as gaming.

How has Madison’s music influenced you?
What inspires me most from Madison’s music is her messaging. She’s always very authentic to herself and learned at a young age to stay true to herself. Her perseverance and determination has also been so inspiring… and did I mention her bomb voice?

What’s the best advice given to you that you use in everyday situations?
The best advice I’ve ever been given and that I carry through in my everyday life is to be kind and have empathy towards others. You never know what’s going on with people, especially these days!

What can we expect from you next?
I hope 2021 brings us all some peace. At the top of the year I’ll be putting together a body of work I can hopefully share with people in the industry and start working with like-minded people. Maybe even getting in the studio with Madison!

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