The R&B soul singer talks about her musical journey and how she already has a part two for her EP “The New Renaissance” ready to go.

Katie Welch
Katie Welch

Taking us on a journey of loss, love and addiction is rising pop-soul singer Katie Welch with her expressive EP “The New Renaissance”. With each song peeling back the layers of her experiences and personal growth, Welch dives into an eclectic pool of dreamy melodies, pop sensibilities and power ballads. Latest single from the project “Sober”, proves the singer’s vocal vulnerability as her haunting vocals burst at the seams of the single and opens the door to toxic relationships. Accompanied by an emotional video with dancer and choreographer Nathan Trasoras from Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, the trained dancer incorporates the explanation of overcoming addiction in contemporary dance, bringing the song to life.

Speaking on the video, the artist said, “It was my absolute dream team and I really feel it is my best work yet, I just can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Aside from music, the singer has ventured into the world of fashion with her vintage clothing line @eclectic_lady_vintage, taking inspiration from her experiences growing up with her grandmother. Wrapping up 2020 with this EP, the singer sits down with us, opening up on the past year, her musical journey and how she already has a part two for “The New Renaissance” ready to go.

Check out the interview below…

Hi Katie – how have you been during this uncertain time?
It has definitely been an interesting year, the sadness, heartbreak, fear, anxiety has been overwhelming at moments. Not to mention everything I had planned for the year had to be completely reimagined, but as this year comes to an end I feel an enormous sense of gratitude for the lessons I have learned this year.

How has it impacted your music and creativity?
As an independent artist, I am always wearing a lot of hats and hustling super hard, and this year sort of forced me to stop and just be present, which I didn’t realize how much I needed. I definitely went through a rough patch at the beginning of all the lockdowns, but as summer came around I was able to start releasing & writing music again and it definitely left me with a new sense of appreciation for the opportunity to do what I do.

Where did you grow up and how did it influence you sonically?
I was born and raised in South Florida, and I grew up dancing competitively so that really had the most influence on the music I was around. I was exposed to so many different styles from pop, hip-hop, Broadway, jazz, classical, rock & roll, R&B. I love music that you cant help but move to.

Who were your musical heroes growing up?
Celine Dion and Whitney Houston as vocalists have always made a huge impact on me, but I always been inspired by Micheal and Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder. As I got a little older I fell really in love with jazz and Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse but, Cher is the Ultimate, especially to my inner drag queen, she’s a true icon.

How would you describe your genre?
I always have such a hard time answering this question because my music is so eclectic and inspired by so many styles, but if I had to sum it up I would say Pop/Soul with some Jazz R&B.

Congratulations on your latest single “Sober” – it’s inspired by overcoming addiction – did you feel nervous about putting out such personal songs and stories out into the world?
Thank you. There are always some nerves whenever I release anything thing that is super personal, but being vulnerable and telling our stories is what connects us to each other. The opportunity to connect with listeners always outweighs the fear. Music is what has gotten me through so many parts of my life, good times, bad times, heartbreak, falling in love, I just want to give back to music what it has given to me.

And it’s taken from your EP “The New Renaissance” – why that name in particular?
We are at such a unique time in history where so many people are breaking away from the programming and limiting beliefs that have been imposed on us, and moving into a new reality full of creativity, philosophy, spirituality and purpose. I really feel like humanity is on the brink of a great new renaissance and this project is just the beginning of what I have to contribute.

What ties all the tracks together as a body of work?
This music is a part of my personal journey of self-discovery, becoming a grown woman, owning my sexuality, elevating my consciousness, facing my demons, overcoming addictions, and learning to stand in my worth. My hope is that it helps others do the same.

What’s the most unusual place you pull inspiration from for the EP?
“Tired” the last song on the EP was the most difficult to write of all the records because I really wanted to write a song to myself, calling myself out. I stood in front of the mirror as if I was my own inner child, and thought about all my demons and all the fears that have stopped me from going after what I want, that have told me I’m not good enough, that have taken up space in my mind and called it all out.

What do you want fans to take from your music?
My hope is that people feel connected to me and my story to let them know they are not alone, that we are all on this journey together. If you wanna dance and let loose, or feel sexy, or cry it out, do it with me. Our ability to share our stories is what separates us from any other living species and music is the universal language that connects us all.

What’s next for you? What are you looking forward to in 2021?
I have a lot more music coming in 2021, I believe my next single drops in February and “The New Renaissance” Part 2 will be in the spring/summer. I desperately miss performing and doing shows, so I really hope we are able to find a safe way to get back to live music and concerts.


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