Taylor Swift drops a new album (yes, another one), whilst Georgia covers a Kate Bush classic in this week’s Wonderlist.

Wonderlist featured Taylor Swift's evermore
Wonderlist featured Taylor Swift's evermore

Taylor Swift – Evermore

You already KNOW this had to top this week’s Wonderlist. The “august” inventing, “mirrorball” spinning, “22” turning icon and folk-pop deliverer has done the unthinkable and unleashed another full-length album. ANOTHER ONE – we know! Acting as the sister to Folklore, we’d need a dissertation length piece to truly appreciate the ways in which T. Swift currently has her foot on our necks, but for now we recommend you stream “gold rush”, “dorothea” and “‘tis the damn season”. Or just the whole thing, your choice. Did we mention this one has a HAIM feature too? If you’re not sold now then I don’t know what’ll do it for you.

Caroline Polachek – “Door (Oklou Remix)”

The album rollout for Caroline Polachek’s debut solo record –– PANG –– has been nothing short of legendary. From artwork by Hugo Comte, design from PC Music’s Timothy Luke and beyond captivating production from Danny L Harle, all the bases were covered, yet ms. Polachek isn’t quite ready to let this era go (thank god!). Teasing reworked cuts from the likes of A.G. Cook and Umru over the last few months, PANG’s remixed accompaniment was officially announced this week, alongside three reworked tracks which include Oklou’s magnetic take on “Door”. Equal parts wistful and euphoric, expect plenty of gorgeous synths, strung out vocals and a definite reprieve from the doom and gloom of a dark winter night.

Georgia – “Running Up That Hill”

Seeking thrills, running up hills, Georgia does it all. It’s about bloody time she revisits this 2020 masterpiece – with a 27 track Ultimate Thrills edition, no less – and the fact that she’s even done immense an immense Kate Bush tribute? It’s tens across the board from us.

Black Eyed Peas – “GIRL LIKE ME (feat Shakira)”

We thought Cedric Gervais’ rework of Chic’s “Everybody Dance” with Nile Rodgers was the most insane collab of the year, but of course it would be the Black Eyed Peas who ended up proving us wrong. The chart-topping threesome have enlisted none other than truth-telling hipshaker Shakira to assist them with their stratospheric comeback on minimal latin-pop jam, “GIRL LIKE ME”. And clad in legwarmers and metallic headbands as the ‘80s aerobic instructor we’ve all once dreamed of becoming, she’s a complete show-stealer too. No doubt just as will.i.am intended…

Crystal Murray – “Good Girl Gone Bad” ft. Dian

Part of the Hotel Room drama series, Crystal Murray surprised fans with the ultra-bad ass “Good Girl Gone Bad” on this, the holiest of New Music Fridays. Featuring BFF and frequent collaborator Dian’s vocoder laced rap, the track marks a new direction Murray’s embarking on with her sound, as well as treating us to an intimate look into her close musical circle. As for the track’s video, you already know much we love anything neon…

Bastille – “Goosebumps”

Speaking of surprise drops, Bastille fans have also got a reason to smile today. After a fairly prolific year, the band have been hard at work creating a little taste of what 2021 could look like by way of their new Goosebumps EP. The project’s title track itself is throwback R&B jam featuring Kenny Beats, written in between the band’s US tour last year, and finished as a very welcome distraction from the insanity of the past year. With fan favourite track “survivin’” currently plowing through the charts too, its safe to say the band have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, so I suppose we better watch this space.

King Princess – “PAIN”

Hot on the heels of latest track “Only Time Makes It Human”, the Wonderland cover star and Cheap Queen is back already with even more musical greatness before the year is up. “PAIN” is a track that has queer pop anthem written all over it, full of fast melodies and choruses beckoning one to lose themselves in the pursuit of pleasure. The accompanying video is just as enthralling, chock-full of colour and keyboards and a gorgeously masochistic ending – we bloody loves it.

Anik Khan – “Lingo (feat. Jay Prince)”

Saving the best till last, Anik Khan’s “Lingo” collaboration with Jay Prince is the final pick for this week’s Wonderlist. The New York-based rapper looks fuses hip hop and trap with a sprinkling of Grime in his ode to British slang, bad man tings and all. This’ll no doubt be played in every pre-drinks you attend when the clubs EVENTUALLY reopen… whenever that may be. It’s certainly got us in the party mode.


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