From K-Dramas to heart-wrenching adaptations, there is something for everyone in this week’s round-up.


Netflix: Tiny Pretty Things

Netflix: Tiny Pretty Things

Sweet Home

If you haven’t gone through a phase of binge-watching K-dramas on Netflix, then you haven’t been making proper use of the streaming service. But if you’re ready to kickstart a new addiction, South Korean thriller Sweet Home is the best way to start. Based on the webtoon of the same name, the series follows loner Cha Hyun-soo who moves into a new apartment after the accidental death of his family. But while he sets out to have a quiet humdrum life, Hyun-soo is quickly thrown into turmoil when strange occurrences start happening in his new building and people being turning to monsters. Left to try and survive with other resistants, Hyun-soo has to quickly navigate and fight for survival in this new world.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part Four

While we couldn’t be more excited that the trailer for the new series is here, it’s bittersweet as we enter the final season of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Countless petitions, social media campaigns and letters to Netflix later, the streaming service confirmed the end of the series earlier this year, but promised a spectacular finale for the cult series – and judging by the trailer, they came through for us. Set to drop on Netflix December 31st, the final chapter will take us through The Eldritch Terrors as they descend upon Greendale, leading the coven to fight each terrifying threat one-by-one, all leading up to the mysterious end of all things – The Void. With Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) once again at odds with love interest Nick (Gavin Leatherwood), this season is set to be filled with heartbreak, spellbinding consequences and dark revelations – grab the popcorn.

Tiny Pretty Things

Black Swan or Pretty Little Liars? We can’t tell, either way this new series is right up our street. Set to rival the likes of The Crown and The Queens Gambit, the novel-turned-series focuses on three dancers who are enrolled at an elite ballet school, but as Tyra Banks once famously said, “have you got what it takes to be on top?” They’ll do anything to sabotage their competition. Starring newcomers Lauren Holly, Kylie Jefferson and Casimere Jollette, the series takes us on a thrilling storyline of dark pranks and betrayal. The series is set to land on Netflix on December 14th.

Pieces of a Woman

Expecting a baby for the first time is meant to be one of the happiest moments in young couple’s relationship. Starring the dynamic Shia LaBeouf and Vannesa Kirby, Pieces of a Woman takes us through the painful aftermath of losing a newborn while working through a fractious relationship. With a domineering mother peering over her shoulder and a distant husband far behind the other, Martha navigates her grief while facing the midwife who faces charges of criminal negligence. Directed by Kornél Mundruczó, the moving drama is set to land on Netflix January 7th 2021.

Our Friend

The famous saying is that some friends are around for a season, a reason or – in rare cases – a lifetime; and in this case, these three best friends are tied together for life when one is diagnosed with a terminal illness. With news of Nicole’s (Dakota Johnson) impending death, husband Matthew (Casey Affleck) asks their best friend Dane Faucheux (Jason Segal) to move in and help out with their family. Based of Matt Teague’s 2015 Esquire essay “The Friend: Love Is Not a Big Enough Word”, the film recounts the real-life experience of Faucheux putting his life and career on hold to support his best friend’s family. With the trailer taking us through the warm, sweet and painful moments of Nicole’s final year, the film is set to having us clutching tissues. The film is due to arrive in theatres and on-demand January 22nd.

The Mauritanian

Cumberbitches, prepare yourself because your craving is about to be satisfied. Returning to our screens alongside Jodie Foster, Shailene Woodley and Zachary Levi, Benedict Cumberbatch is starring as the formidable military prosecutor Lt. Colonel Stuart Couch in the on-screen adaptation of Mohamedou Ould Salahi’s real-life experience in Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. Captured by the U.S. government and languishing in the camp without charge or trial, Salahi begins to lose all hope until he finds allies in defence attorney Nacy Hollander and her associate Teri Duncan. Desperate for justice, together the group face countless obstacles set in place by the government while a shocking and far-reaching conspiracy is revealed… Directed by Academy Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald, the film is set for release February 19th.


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