Dua Lipa, BENEE, Lily Allen and Flo Milli bring the vibes in this week’s playlist.

Dua Lipa Fever
Dua Lipa Fever

Dua Lipa – Fever (feat. Angélé)

Our first track is from an artist who has pretty much set up shop in Wonderlist, considering we can never resist keeping her off it. In addition to teasing her immersive new live show – Studio 2054 – inspired by New York’s most famous and culturally influential venue to date, this week Ms. Lipa has teamed up with Belgian singer Angélé for a deep-house slow burner, titled “Fever”. Following in the footsteps of Kylie, Elvis and Peggy Lee, the club-obsessed singer has fashioned up a hit that is all things sultry, hot and utterly atmospheric at the same time. I don’t know what it is about songs with this name just giving off incredibly sexy vibes, but Lipa’s track is certainly no exception to the rule…

BENEE – Plain (feat. Lily Allen & Flo Milli)

Sorta slow, kinda roller disco, very vibe-filled, Benee’s latest track has too many bliss-inducing qualities to count. We have to respect anyone who can blend the talents of 00s legends like Lily Allen with TikTok breaking rap geniuses i.e. Flo Milli, whilst effortlessly dragging your ex’s new love at the same time. A truly remarkable example of great taste in action – we owe you one for this, BENEE.

CamelPhat – “Easier feat. Lowes”

The stars of Rollacoaster’s AW21 issue have been setting the dancefloor ablaze for a good few years now, so it’s pretty insane to believe that today, ten years since their first single, Camelphat have finally unleashed their debut album – Dark Matter. The album features an eclectic mix of musical talent, everyone from Foals, Skream and Jake Bugg, but it’s “Easier feat. Lowes” that has us well and truly hooked. If euphoric dance bangers with insane vocals are your thing, this’ll be going straight onto your November playlist.

Steps – “Something In Your Eyes”

Everyone loves a comeback, especially starring Steps. They soundtracked all our childhood’s with their anthemic pop hits, from “5, 6, 7, 8” to “Tragedy”, please somebody point me in the direction of discographies filled with as many delicious chart-toppers as theirs… This week the iconic five-some are back with an eruptive ballad that, in another life, we’d all be screaming to on stage at Heaven after 5 double voddy and cokes. For now, the back garden will have to suffice. I wonder if my neighbours prefer Lisa Scott-Lee or H?

Ruby Duff – “Zoom”

Before you ask, she’s not related to Hilary/Lizzie McGuire, but we love her anyway! The Leeds-based alt-pop newcomer’s latest track is absolutely brimming with theatrical flavour and whimsy. “Zoom” hinges not on the webcam app we hosted all our lockdown quizzes on, but instead the ugly and beautiful mundanity of life itself. Through layers of dreamy soundscapes and lullaby-like melodies, Duff beckons us forth into her world of experimental princess pop and storybook endings, off we go!

Daniel Donskoy – “24”

This globe-trotting musician’s new track is all about longing for that rush of adrenaline so prevalent in life’s most emotional moments – the good, bad and ugly. While I get it from videos of decades-old Atomic Kitten performances, Donskoy searches for those highs over beats filled with cavernous R&B, crisp 80s synths and sensual hooks. “You smile and have to trust that every high, whatever it is, will be followed by a low,” he warns. “But it’s nothing to be scared of, simply the truth, and the truth can’t hurt you if you accept it…”

Aby Coulibaly – “Maybe”

This rising Irish singer-songwriter is taking honeyed R&B to new heights on her newest, utterly sensuous offering, “Maybe”. Coulibaly penned the hit during a tumultuous time with her family, using the experience to record a tonne of music that granted her an escape from reality, whilst also doubling as a safe space to express her innermost thoughts and feelings. “The song is about not being afraid to be unapologetically yourself, to have hope about the future and that better days will come,” she explains. We hope those better days have came for Coulibaly, she definitely deserves them.

Lastlings – “Out Of Touch”

The Japanese-Australian breakout duo are back this Friday with the latest single from their forthcoming album First Contact. The project centres around life’s first moments, from words, love and heartbreak, to an eventually first-last breath on earth. Combining twinkly touches of electro with Amy Dowdle’s dynamic vocals, “Out Of Touch” might be the duo’s raciest cut yet, embarking across a dark and sinister popscape that leaves us breathless and enraptured. I guess we’ve now got to learn some better dance moves for when we hear this on a night out.

Kyle Lux – Projectors

Funk? Check. Plenty of grooves? Check. A little cry-ballad moment? Yes, it’s all here! On his sophomore EP, Kyle Lux seeks to marry a vibrant mix of energy, emotions and memories spanning his last two years living in Southern California. As the multi-hyphenate artist discovered more about himself on this journey, uncertainty and bad habits manifested themselves into music, with Projectors ultimately bridging the gap between his desired fantasy and physical reality. Full of summer bops and generally funky flair, this EP will definitely make you miss the sun, so thanks A LOT for that Kyle.

Artemis Orion – “you are your own home”

Transcendental pop icon Artemis Orion has fully outdone herself with her latest release. From the get-go “you are your own home” maintains a hazily wistful quality, somewhat detached from reality as it takes you on a euphoric trip across the world of lo-fi. When you’re living your main character fantasy, might I advise you soundtrack whatever you’re doing with this delicate and delightful track?


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