Miley Cyrus, Kim Petras & Shygirl get spooky (sorta) in this week’s Wonderlist.

Miley Cyrus Zombie
Miley Cyrus Zombie

Miley Cyrus – “Zombie”

The devil works hard, but Miley Cyrus and her socially-distanced live band have to be working harder. Over the past few weeks, our favourite ex-Disney star has electrified Twitter with her slew of classic covers, from Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”, to Hall & Oates’ “Maneater” – she even did Britney’s “Gimme More”, like she couldn’t be more ‘the moment’ if she tried. Today her raspy cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” hits Spotify, alongside the announcement for her upcoming album Plastic Hearts. In a note she shared on her socials last night, Cyrus explains that this project has been in the works for two years, and when she was finally ready to unleash the beast so to speak, COVID-19 changed everything. November 27th is now the date set in stone, SHE (actually) IS COMING.

Kim Petras – “Party Till I Die”

Solidifying herself as the reigning queen of the spooky season for the last two years with her very extended “Turn Off The Light” EPs – Vol 1 & 2, Ms. Petras wanted to keep things a bit more lowkey for 2020, especially as we might not even be able to go trick or treating… “Party Till I Die” is very much just a feel-good pop gem, doing exactly what it says on the tin by making our bum cheeks pop and yearn for a pole to dance around in G-A-Y Late, just like the good ole days.

Shygirl – “SLIME”

She’s a real rottweiler bitch, and on “SLIME”, London-helmed rap icon Shygirl lets us absolutely have IT. Concocted by a producing holy trinity consisting of SOPHIE, Kai Whiston and Sega Bodega, the dance pioneers transport us to the dingy back corner of the club at 5 AM, with only the strongest clubbers still on the floor two-stepping to its bassy riddims. Someone grab us a stranger to grind on…

Salem Ilese – “Mad At Disney”

Speaking of Disney, you’ve surely bumped Salem Ilese’s breakout hit at some point this summer, right? It’s a twinkly pop tune about the magical con of a Disney-fied life, being tricked into fairytale endings where the girl always needs to be rescued. You’ll be pleased to know that Ilese has finally got a larger-than-life video to accompany the track, which was filmed in just a day, with Ilese donning a set of gigantic elf ears and taking us to the trippy, after-hours club Ariel, Belle and Cinderella down tequilas at. I can’t imagine what these princesses will be doing in her next single – “Coke and Mentos”…

Jack Peñate – “Remember In New York”

It’s been a jam-packed few months for Jack Peñate. Between co-writes with Octavian and the release of his “Noetics” EP, we’re surprised he’s had time to breathe, let alone put pen to paper to conceive even more material. “Remember In New York” is the singer’s latest tune, and sees the artist meander into new sonic territories, dominated by drum machines and heavy bass, whilst contemplating the double-edged sword that is love and loss in the big city. Don’t worry though, his impeccable songwriting and gut-punching vocal delivery haven’t gone anywhere.

Ariana Grande – “Positions”

Goes without saying that we had to throw this one in really. A blissful pop tune devised for the easiest, breeziest listening imaginable, and the video’s an absolute corker too. Roll on the album….

THEY. – The Amanda Tape

After a long hiatus, critically-acclaimed R&B-electro duo THEY. are finally bearing the gift of their break, you guessed it – their sophomore album! The Amanda Tape has been a labour of love between the pair for a while now, and sees Dante and Drew team up with some of the biggest names in music i.e. Wale, Juicy J and Tinashe as they tackle heartbreak, happiness, life lessons and the Black experience of living in America. It’s very much a culmination of THEY.’s coming of age as a musical twosome – this is it for them. They’ve grabbed the industry bull by the horns and are riding it off into the stardom sunset. Giddy up, guys!

Josie Man – “Grow”

This angelic singer needs no introduction, her groovy and soul-bearing alt-pop tunes do all the talking for her – literally. Her latest tune is all about growth, using the tools to look within and make proper change, set over a punchy-synth filled melody showcasing Josie’s vocals in all their heavenly glory. She wants to spread the message of wellness, whether it be physical, emotional or mental, whilst making us dance, so if “Grow” is anything to go by, Man has already completed her mission with flying colours.

Daniel Briskin – “Yellow”

Taken from his forthcoming Mixtape, Forever Was A Feeling, Daniel Briskin completes this week’s Wonderlist with his genre-bending new track “Yellow”. The song is all about the juxtaposition of head versus heart, a volatile offering that the singer describes as a “fuck you” to himself. With Briskin’s native twang bursting through the tunes many synths and chords, the song bends and swerves around itself like a Rubix cube, starting with passionate, slow-burning indie before erupting into a chorus of heavy breakbeats you’d be more inclined to hear in one of the scattier dance tents at Glastonbury.

Bailey Slater

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