The newcomer pulls inspiration from the #MeToo movement for her viral TikTok hit.

Leyla Blue
Leyla Blue

If you’re an avid TikTok scroller like us, more than likely you would have come across Leyla Blue’s emotional new tune “F*** Yourself”. With girls all around the world sharing the stories of sexism and injustice, the all-too-relatable tune has sky-rocketed over the past week and now the video is finally here. With delicate vocals and lyrics inspired by the #MeToo movement, the video takes us through vintage-style black and white news conference with Blue singing directly into the camera for a simple but effective video.

Speaking on the single, the star got candid stating, “I saw humanity that I had yet to experience on an interpersonal level and decided then I was going to devote my whole life to music,” she recalls. “Knowing that someone else had gone through what I had before made me feel so much less alone at that age. I knew I wanted to make a mark on the world — not be drowned out by it.” 

Having spent her younger years locked away in her bedroom avidly writing music, the singer-songwriter became aware of her creative prowess and become a professional songwriter at just 16 years old. Having already racked in over 400k views on TikTok for this tune, we say skip the addictive dances and bask in Leyla’s poignant lyricism.

Check out the single below…