We’re repping the UK in this week’s Wonderlist, featuring Ivorian Doll, James Blake and Shaybo.

Ivorian Doll Daily Duppy
Ivorian Doll Daily Duppy

Ivorian Doll – “Daily Duppy”

So much to unpack here, truly. Between the Galliano-era Dior cherry blossom print clobber, and the cheeky curtsy before she starts spitting, the “Rumours” singer knew as much as we did that the Internet would shortly be set ablaze once this Daily Duppy dropped. Delivering line after line of lyrical, pot-stirring fury, we couldn’t keep our eyes off of IVD’s warcry. Among jokey references to Digga D and Sideman, shots were sent to former collaborator Abigail Asante, ex-bestie Miss RFabulous, and even Lady Leshurr, with the first two opponents already replying with their disses. To quote Gavin & Stacey’s Pamela “Two Steaks Pam” Shipman, it’s the drama mick, I just love it! See you on tour in 2021, IVD!

Shaybo – “Dobale”

The reigning Queen of the South is back with “Dobale”, a rhythmic celebration of the rapper’s Nigerian heritage, meaning ‘to greet and show respect’. Catford-helmed Shaybo has been giving it to us time and time again over the last year, flitting between Drill, Afrobeats and straight-up rap in easy succession. “Dobale” itself captures the last of Summer’s feel-good vibe, replete sleek visuals and an irresistible beat. The track’s accompanying video was even styled by Wonderland E-I-C Toni Blaze, so you know it has to be good. Keep the hits coming Ms. Shaybo.

James Blake – Before EP

Grammy award-winning heartstring tugger, James Blake, has unleashed his own tribute to missing the club this Friday. The Before EP is all about yearning for an inhibition-free night out after months of being cooped up at home, and also marks the first time he’s felt brave enough to put his own voice on any kind of dancefloor rhythm. Fast or slow, Blake is undoubtedly the perfect fit for these boogie-ready wonders, leading us to implore any member of the Conservative party who might be reading to please, PLEASE open the clubs. We’re getting restless now…

Tate Mcrae – “lie to me (feat. Ali Gatie)”

We’ve had our eyes peeled on this budding star for a while as she goes from strength, to strength, to even bigger strength. From co-writes with Billie Eillish, to racking up over 300 million streams on “you broke me first”, Mcrae is an unstoppable musical force, and this Friday the singer is bringing that energy (and then some) to her collaboration with fellow Canadian rapper/singer Ali Gatie. The pair collaborated on the mellow ballad over lockdown, writing the whole track over a series of FaceTime sessions, how surreal is that? Of course they pulled it together flawlessly, and even had chance to shoot a dystopic video.

Kristen Hanby – “Cheat Code”

Taking a break from terrorising the other member’s of the Henby family with his fittingly-popular YouTube videos, Kristen Hanby goes all out for his latest single “Cheat Code”. Admittedly the track is a totally different style for Kristen, the beat fast and the flows totally non-stop, but it’s undoubtedly one that will pleasantly surprise fans and foes alike. Maybe we’ll see him MCing at the rave when COVID stops ruining our social lives? He’s certainly got the vocal chops for it.

Marie Dahlstrom – “Good Thing (feat. Linda Diaz, Aligo and Elijah Fox)”

Danish singer Marie Dahlstrom is getting the gang back together on her latest hit. BoJo might’ve said households can’t mix, but he didn’t say anything about them jumping on a song together, so that’s exactly what she’s done. Inviting along the likes of New Yorker Linda Diaz (winner of NPR’s 2020 Tiny Desk Concert – congrats!), her own housemate and rapper-on-the-rise Aligo, as well as Brooklyn-based singer and producer Elijah Fox, the foursome each stake their own unique claim on the twinkly hip-swayer, with Dahlstrom conceding: “It just goes to show, that making music can be done anywhere with the right people.”

Emotional Oranges – “All That (feat. Chanel Tres)”

The mysterious, tangerine-tinged duo behind Emotional Oranges present a boppy weekend banger with Chanel Tres at their side. Inspired by Tokyo, the Gorillaz and a whole lot of 90’s dance music, the trio wanted to capture that fun-loving party vibe we’ve been so deprived of all year, evidencing shared chemistry from the jump. Emotional Oranges maintain that this is just a taste of what the duo’s JUICEBOX has to offer, however, so we’ll just have to keep your eyes, and ears peeled for the future. Get it? Peeled!

Chaii – “WOW (Look At Me)”

Following on from July’s Lightswitch EP, producer, director, engineer and rap heavyweight Chaii is back with the genre-defying “WOW (Look At Me)”. Riotous, rage-filled and totally bolshy, the artist takes on the entire world in her quest for global stardom, laying down the law in a bass-filled 2 minutes and 24 seconds. All I can say is that we’re totally hypnotised, and eagerly waiting to see where she takes things next.

Renforshort – “afterthoughts”

After conquering the world of bubble-gum grunge last year, the 17-year-old talent has moved on to pastures of dark and stirring indie-folk. Taken from the Disney+ Original Movie Clouds, her new single “afterthoughts” welcomes a darker side to ren’s sound, one that’s graciously soul-bearing and incredibly wise. “Tell me everything’s okay,” she asks on the track, “cause I could use a little bit of help…” You can’t tell me that didn’t give you goosebumps. Looks like we’re plunging head-first into sad-girl autumn then…

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