Travis Scott rallies around M.I.A. and Young Thug in this week’s bop-filled Wonderlist.

Franchise M.I.A.
Franchise M.I.A.

Travis Scott – “Franchise feat. M.I.A. & Young Thug”

Travis Scott has been working like a mad man in 2020. A pandemic wasn’t going to stop him putting out tracks with Kanye West, or for Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster Tenet, nor was it going to stop him from breaking the internet with a CPFM x Maccies merch collab – he even got to make his own burger for the fast-food giant. With a collaborative album with Kid Cudi in the works too, Scott has gone above and beyond in latest track “Franchise”, soundtracked by fat, acidic bass and icy cold features from the likes of Young Thug and M.I.A, the latter living her best Midsommar fantasy in the track’s cinematic music video. Is there anything he can’t do? Seriously.

ELIO – “Jackie Onassis”

An ode to America’s most stylish First Lady, we just can’t seem to stop listening Elio’s latest dreamy wonder. A continuation of the hazy dream she sold us in “My Friends Online” at the start of the year, the Welsh-hailing, CMBYN-inspired singer has us aching with nostalgia with her witty lyrics and wistful soundscapes. “We can go to dinner in Paris,” she coos in the song’s ever-so catchy chorus, “and we’ll be trends in fashion like Jackie Onassis…”

lordkez – “Sunday (Feat. Priddy Ugly & J.Tek)”

Mixing punchy flows with laidback jazz, a listen to lordkez’s sublime new single “Sunday” is like taking a candle-lit bath – rare, peaceful and achingly enjoyable. The singer has been making waves on the South African music scene of late, and is joined here by Priddy Ugly & J.Tek. Together the trio sprinkle soulful hooks over an old-school hip-hop beat, making us hips sway and our heads nod as they carry our daydreams off into the clouds…

CMAT – “I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby”

CMAT’s third and enticing single has us practically yee-hawing into the sunset. With Gaga, Lil Nas X and countless others bringing Country to the musical fore in recent years, CMAT reminds us the genre is not going anywhere whilst putting her own folky, strung out spin on things. The song is about urban isolation, having the freedom and resources to do whatever you wish but still succumbing to anxiety, boredom and a general detachment from the world. “Always the cowboy… never the cow,” she jokes with her Americana-fused vocals – we feel you CMAT!

Kat Cunning – “Supernova”

Soft, mesmerising and utterly gorgeous, Kat Cunning’s “Supernova” reminds us exactly why we love indie-pop. Cunning penned the hit while falling for a girl they knew would break their heart, beautiful like a Supernova – a.k.a. a big rainbow ball of gas exploding into iridescence. “I knew that my draw to her could only leave me with my face hair singed off,” they joke. Upbeat and dreamy, this kaleidoscopic number is essential for any lover of feel-good pop, an anthem for all the hopeless romantics out there. We see you!

Blue DeTiger – “Cotton Candy Lemonade”

Tik Tok Queen Blu DeTiger resurfaces on the Wonderlist this week with the oh-so starry-eyed “Cotton Candy Lemonade”. Putting her preeminent bass skills to the test, the singer dreams of leaving this world behind with her love, getting lost somewhere new just for the thrill of it. DeTiger’s vocals are hypnotic as ever, sending us on a saccharine-sweet journey to another dimension, one brimming with 80’s neon and technicolour splendour. Your replay button honestly won’t know what’s hit it.

J.I The Prince Of New York – “20K (Intro)”

Rap-superstar-in-the-making J.I is unstoppable. Barely out of school, the self-confessed King of New York has been working tirelessly on his tunes since appearing on Jermaine Dupri’s The Rap Game when he was just 14-years-old, with his latest dancehall-infused track “20K (Intro)” being no exception. The track delves deep into J.I’s past relationships, tackling addiction, abuse and the stress of the grind, all in under 2 minutes and 17 seconds. So if soul-bearing lyricism and bass-heavy beats are your poison, J.I The Prince Of New York’s Welcome To The Gstarr Vol. 1 will have you on your deathbed.

Bailey Slater

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