The rising star talks glittering new single “Starsign”, and how Caroline Polachek inspired her sound.

Star Sign Litany
Star Sign Litany

Newcomer Litany has been belting out vintage alt-pop bangers with dreamy indie-pop influences and we haven’t been able to get enough. Having had her tour postponed due to COVID, the singer has blessed us with new tune “Starsign” which represents the first release since her second EP “Single Player Mode”. Merging elements of alt-pop and indie, Litany offers us an addictive single with glittering choruses and captivating reverbs that’ll be on repeat in your head all day.

Speaking on the single, the rising star said, “When I had periods of loneliness I, like so many others, turned to online dating and lived to regret it shortly after when my commitment-phobe tendencies kicked in. Even if said date is an absolute Adonis, my career is my boyfriend.”

Accompanied by a video game-inspired lyric video, Litany pulls inspiration from Robyn, HAIM and our favourite Caroline Polachek for a welcoming far-reaching pop tune. The Harrogate-hailed singer has been building up a steady fan base over the years with her breakout tune “Bedroom” capturing over 60 million streams. Having spent lockdown writing a cook book with her boyfriend and feverishly buying homeware, we caught up with the singer talking the new single, inspirations and her upcoming project.

Check out the interview below…

Hi Litany! How’s lockdown been? What’s one thing you’ve learned?
It’s been the weirdest rollercoaster of emotions. Just before it all went to shit, I was due to go out on my first UK tour and kinda felt like I was grieving for a good couple of months into lockdown but eventually picked myself up through writing a cookery book with my boyfriend and obsessively buying homewares. I’ve definitely learned how to chill and gotten more in tune with what’s actually important to me.

You were raised in Harrogate, how did growing up there impact your sound?
Harrogate is a beautiful yet strange little town. It’s not exactly known for having a vibrant music scene so that forced me to look elsewhere to seek inspiration. I spent a lot of time in Leeds and namely the Brudenell Social Club. My finger was on the indie music pulse growing up so would often make the pilgrimage to see the best of the best play there. So rad to think I’ve now headlined it!

Congratulations on your new single “Starsign”, what was the creative process like?
Thank you! This song was born in the most amazing way little over a year ago. I’m not sure how but I wrote the chorus in my sleep. There’s literally a recording of a drowsy me mumbling the melody at 4:30 am into my voice notes. Listening back the following day I could decipher the word Starsign and it just came to me. I took it in to the studio with Earl Saga and Hugh Vincent, they instantly saw the potential and helped build Starsign’s universe with me. A couple of months later I was in session with Charlie Hugall, played him our demo and he loved it so much he wanted to be blocked out a week with Hugh and I to work on it there and then. I remember when recording all the various vocal lines in the booth, we realised there wasn’t a middle. Hugh was just messing around on the synth and I started singing over it. The lyrics “shame I’m so mercurial” and “shoulda stayed in cyberspace for both our sake’s” just kinda fell out my mouth and luckily Charlie had pressed record, it came together in like 5 minutes or something stupid – it’s now my favourite part of the song!

You write songs as if you are having a conversation, what inspired this?
I’ve always found it difficult to write about something that hasn’t directly happened to me. It’s always come quite naturally as an outgoing and open person to write in a conversational style. I crave sincerity and honesty when listening to music so it’s probably only natural that I provide it as a writer also. For example, when you’re telling your friends about some dickhead that messed you about, you don’t just say “he hurt me real bad and now I’m sad”. You tell them how they hurt you, what day it was, what your mom was cooking for dinner when it happened etc. So, I tell my audience those things too!

You list Robyn, HAIM and Caroline Polachek as inspirations, what about them inspires you?
I mean I’m obsessed with Caroline Polachek especially. I was a fan of Chairlift but the minute I heard “Parachute”, those vocal runs quite frankly blew my mind. She has created such an incredible sonic and visual world with Pang, one that other musicians could only ever dream of doing so yeah, love her. Robyn is also a massive inspiration on the song-writing front, I think she’s another who writes in a more conversational style and pairs it with tasteful pop of epic proportions!

What do you want your fans to feel when they listen to your music?

This is your first release since your EP last year, is this apart of an upcoming project or album?
2020 was very much going to be a live year for me with tours in the UK, Europe and the USA. Then, you know what happened and that saw to live music being cancelled indefinitely which forced a re-plan! Starsign was gonna drop a lot earlier in the year but it didn’t feel right to release in the height of the pandemic. I for one was a potato for most of it, and felt like nothing was being consumed properly whilst people were pre-occupied but now feels like the right time. I’m a woman with a plan and there is much more music and excitement to come before the year is through that’s for sure!

What are you most excited for? /what’s next?
I’m sworn to secrecy! All I can say is, there is going to be a music video which will lowkey save 2020.


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