The multi-talented newcomer talks new single “The Rush”, creative process and his upcoming EP.

Shango SK Drops the video for his new single
Shango SK Drops the video for his new single

Newcomer Shango SK is making sure we’re sorted for new music as his spoils us with a video for his electrifying single “The Rush”. With experimental hip-hop elements and soaring alt-pop melodies, Shango SK creates an oasis of emotional balladry topped with positive vibes for a repeat button breaking hit. The Stockport-hailed artist sound is hard to label, as the artist frequently shifts between R&B melodies and UK rap, making him a multi-talented newcomer we need to keep an eye on.

Speaking on his new video, the artist said, “’The Rush’ is my idea of the ideal relationship, in a perfect world with nothing but the good parts of the relationship. This is the follow up to sleeping on my own, realising that all of my previous relationships have been limited because we both felt like we owned each other, instead of being free and unlimited.”

Having released his other single “Sleeping on My Own” earlier this month, Shango SK has been dominating Spotify’s famed New Music Friday playlist and caught the attention of Link Up TV and MTV. With an EP brewing, we sat down with the rising newcomer talking inspirations, new music and staying creative.

Check out the interview below…

Hi Shango! How’s lockdown been what have you been up to?
It’s been great! I’ve been locked in the lab learning new shit, mainly new production tricks. A lot of movies have been watched and a lot of carbs have been consumed.

How has growing up in Stockport impacted your sound?
I think being from a small town helps me to stand out, I just make what I want without the pressure of copying what everyone in the city’s (Manchester) making. Being an outsider has it’s perks.

You’ve dropped two new singles “The Rush” and “Sleeping on My Own”, where did the inspiration come from for both songs and what was the creative process like?
I loved making both of these, super easy and organic. I’ve always been into indie because of Fifa soundtracks growing up, so it was just a matter of time before those type of guitar riffs found their way into my music. When I’m producing for myself my process is all over the place, I might be making drums and have to switch half way through to lay a hook that just popped into my head. “Sleeping on My Own” was made exactly like this. The beat for “The Rush” was sent to me by a producer from LA called Yellow Liar, he reached out to me on IG. Soon as I heard it I knew what I wanted to make, and it came out exactly how I wanted.

Your music is boundless and doesn’t fit in a set genre, what made you come to do this?
I really just have fun in the studio. I try to think as unlimited as possible, so if an idea comes into my head it came for a reason. I owe it all to my upbringing to be honest, there was no right or wrong when it came to music in my house, so I grew up with no prejudices towards any genre. If it makes you feel something it’s good music.

Who would you list as your inspirations?
Elton John, Oasis, Halsey, Drake, Bon Iver. I could go on forever.

You’re also working with Class By Nature how did this come about and what can we expect from this collaboration?
Me and Chris met in 2014, he was shooting the cover for my very first EP “Anxstalgia”. We always stayed in contact and spoke about doing visuals but never got round to doing so. Then finally this year we linked back up and got cracking. Chris and Jack just get it, we’re on the exact same page when it comes to how shit should look. It’s like working with my mates it never feels like work.
Expect the visuals to get much bigger and much crazier.

Who would be your dream collaboration?
I’d love to make an Indie-Rock album with Uzi and Travis Scott, that’ll be out of this world!

Is there an album or EP on the way – if so what can we expect?
Yeah October I’m gonna drop my EP! I’m gassed to let people into my world, I’ve always felt like people will understand me better when they listen to a mixtape or album, I hope it gives people a new home, especially the misfits.


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