The multi-hyphenate artist is inspired by all the best boundary-pushers of today.

On Man Darks Distorted
On Man Darks Distorted

North-London based producer On Man shares his latest slow-burning masterpiece. This enthralling R&B cut is reminiscent of M.I.A.’s TEQKILLA, mirroring the industrial headbanger (infused with noisy soundbites courtesy of Sleigh Bells) that defies all constraints of genre and mood.

Despite only releasing a handful of singles online, On Man’s work blisteringly crashes through mundanity to create new and exciting sounds. Take his latest single for example; at first metallic and synthy, “Darks” is an ever-building tune that suddenly erupts into a cavernous sequence of motorised clashes and clangs, throwing you into disarray after comforting you with soft lyrics and altered vocals.

Getting into On Man’s other influences, it comes as no surprise that Arca’s otherworldly sound-design, Charli XCX’s boundary-pushing pop music and Young Fathers second to none approach to modern hip-hop are all huge players in his world. “My natural state is to push things to extremes,” he tells us. “I grew up listening to punk, and I’ve generally listened to quite extreme music, so it’s normal for me.”

“Darks” marks a new chapter for On Man, one where he calls all the shots. “This is the first time where I’ve been really honest with myself in creative decisions,” he tells us, escaping all the pressures of industry and labels to create art that he himself would listen to. “This is me, creatively.”

Check out the new track below…