Introducing the Canadian singer-songwriter and “self aware bitch”.

Anna Sofia Drop he lovelorn single either way
Anna Sofia Drop he lovelorn single either way

Following up from her contagiously confident “Self Aware Bitch” EP, Anna Sofia is back with her brand new tune “Either Way”. The piano-led ballad explores body positivity with Sofia’s soft and enticing vocals guiding us through self-love and appreciation. The beautiful track showcases the singer’s vocal ability with angelic tones that’ll have you clutching tissues.

The 16-year-old Toronto singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been making waves in the industry since her debut in 2019. With over three million streams and a genre-bending hit EP, Anna Sofia is gearing up for her forthcoming full-length debut. We caught up with the rising talent talking new music, inspirations and her upcoming EP.

Check out the interview below….

Hi Anna Sofia! How are you?
I’ve been pretty good! I definitely miss my friends and the rest of my family, but it has been so great to spend all this time with my parents. Thank god we have not gotten tired of each other yet.

How is lockdown treating you/how is it influencing your creativity?
Lockdown has been kinda hard at times. Being with my family has been super great though. We are all super busy people so I truly am thankful for all this time I get to spend with them. I miss getting to see my friends and the rest of my family in person, but I’m so glad that we at least have the opportunity to chat online. Lockdown has been good and bad in regards to my music. It was a challenge to be creative in any sort of way at the beginning of quarantine. As I got more used to working from home, I found new ways to be creative and keep my audience and myself engaged. When I started writing again in quarantine, I wasn’t used to being in bed while writing a song. The energy and vibe obviously just wasn’t the same and I did not feel as motivated or creative. I miss being in a studio with people and feeling that amazing connection and vibe although these zoom sessions have really worked for my team and we are still getting the work done. Overall it’s been hard to get used to but I have started to realize that there are many ways to be creative from the comfort of your home.

How do you think growing up in Toronto influenced your music?
I actually grew up two hours outside of Toronto in a small town called Collingwood and I still live out there. It is out in the country and very different from the city. I have never been a huge fan of cities so growing up in a small town was amazing. Living in a small town means gossip and stories get around quick. I think that was what triggered most of my ideas. The fact that things blow up and get all over town means more and more drama. That was the perfect opportunity to write because the story only got more and more interesting as more people found out. All the kids in our town are one big friend group. It is so fun when we all get together and so much happens. It is always a great writing opportunity when we all get together because there are so many of us in one group.

Who are the top three artists you are most influenced by?
My three top music influencers are Elton John, Queen, and BENEE. I have always loved Elton and Queen since I was very young. My dad always had me listening to both of them so I think that plays a big part in why they are so influential to me. Elton is known for his phenomenal piano skills and his knowledge and understanding of the piano has made me want to be just as educated on the instrument and be a phenomenal piano player just like him. I had recently discovered BENEE and instantly fell in love. I found her lyrics very interesting as well as her voice. She has definitely started to influence my writing style and has made me realise that I can honestly talk about whatever is on my mind in my music.

Do you have a favourite/most fun lyric?
I have many favourite lyrics out of my library of music. From the “Self Aware Bitch” EP, my favourite lyric was from my song “Meaner Girl”. The lyric is “I hope we never make amends.” I have just never heard someone wish they never make amends with someone. I thought it would be a funny way to express the fact that I do not want anything to do with this person anymore and that I don’t want to make things better between us.

Love the name of your EP – what is the meaning?
The story behind the whole EP is all about my life as a high school student. Everything I go through in school is what I write about especially because school takes up most of my days as a teenager. Through high school I have tried to change myself for other people many times. I tried to fit in in different groups and different people so I believed the best way I could do that was to change for them. I realised as I got older and really settled in with a strong group of friends, that I had found my true self and started to feel aware of who I really am. Through high school, I have realised that changing for people will not make you real friends or make you happy. It is all about letting people love you for who you are. The bitch part means to stand up for yourself, do not let anyone ever try and change you or control you in any way. Stand up and let them know that you are happy with the way you are.

What do you hope people will take from your music?
I hope people will get a chance to relate to what I go through in my life. I hope people that have finished high school can relate back to their old high school self and remember the times they went through the same stuff as I am going through. I hope kids in high school get a chance to hear my side of the high school story and hopefully relate their own high school story to mine. Lastly, I hope kids entering high school can get a little sneak peek at what high school has in store for them. I hope they realise it’s not like the movies… With my new EP, I want people to understand me as a person a bit more. I have opened up more in the second EP so I am really excited for people to finally get to know me and who I am in a deeper way.

What’s next for you?
I just released a new single called “Either Way” that means so much to me so that was a great feeling to finally share it with everyone. I have a few more singles that I am really excited about and then my second EP! Words cannot explain how excited I am to release this EP. I feel I finally stepped outside of the box with lyrics and song ideas and I am so excited to show everyone this side of Anna Sofia. When this virus comes to an end (hopefully soon), we are planning on getting on the road and doing some touring in various cities. I have always loved to perform and sing for an audience so this is something I am looking forward to.


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