Snoh Aalegra has got us in our feels this Valentine’s, and Jhené Aiko gets down and dirty in this week’s Wonderlist.

Jhené Aiko – “P*$$Y FAIRY (OTW)”

Jhené Aiko is the ultimate “my man is not acting right I need to relate to someone” artist. Whatever situation you are going through Jhené has a song for it. Breaking up with your boyfriend? “The Worst”. Bedroom music? “Maniac”. Late night drive? “Sativa”. Her new song “P*$$Y Fairy” is perfect if you are planning to have some fun this Valentine’s Day. The sexually-explicit track describes the ins and out of Aiko’s intimate and seductive relationship with her lover. The song is the latest single from her new highly anticipated project Chilombo, making it her third studio album. The song holds nothing back as she turns the table on her lover and gets what she wants. Alongside the song, the LA-based singer-songwriter released a sultry dance video with a purple haze setting. The song is far from PG, so if you’re planning to listen to it make sure to put the kids to bed first.

Mnelia – “Say Yeah”

New kid on the block, Mnelia is capturing our hearts this Valentine’s Day as the north-west London town singer is giving us 90s R&B lovin’ in “Say Yeah”, delivering old school vibes and catchiness. Her silky- smooth voice will have you singing with chest in the shower, (trust me you’ll be wishing you could hit those notes). Not much may be known about Mnelia, but what we do know this girl is someone we need to watch this year.

Brent Faiyaz – “Fuck the World”

Listen to one Brent Fayiaz song and that’s it. You’re hooked. The Grammy-nominated Maryland native has just dropped his new EP “Fuck the World”. Something we all can relate to on a Monday morning. This EP explores his skillset and artistry while paying homage to today’s societal issues, ranging from the state of our society to our social climate. Brent’s sweet melancholic melodies guide you through all 10 songs on the album, but phenomenal standout song “Rehab” sees him falling in love with a drug addict but hiding her demons from the rest of the world. The EP is more than worth a listen and trust me you won’t be skipping any song.

Dagny – “Come Over”

The Norwegian singer, Dagny has released her brand new single “Come Over”, which will sit on her long-awaited debut album. Dagny said motivation! As the pop bop brings the energy with its fun and catchy chorus. With over 450 million streams amassed and sold-out tours, we have no doubt that with this debut album will see Dagny claim 2020 as her own.

Jasmine Knight – “Lover Boy”

You know we love our new artists, and we’ve got homegrown west Londoner Jasmine Knight with her debut single “Lover Boy”. Drawing influences from Nas, Stevie Nicks and Marvin Gaye, Jasmine’s sound and style combine a unique rawness with soulful beats making her one of the most unique voices to come out of the UK right now. The song “Lover Boy” details her finding love over a slow and sultry beat.

Snoh Aalegra – “Woah” Ft. Pharrell Williams

What better way to spend this Valentine’s Day than being in your feels – which is exactly how we feel when we listen to Snoh Aalegra. The Swedish singer has released the remix to her new song “Woah” ft. Pharrell Williams. The singer has had a swift rise to fame after the launch of her debut album Feels and her follow up album Ugh, Those Feels Again, gaining buzz with features with Vince Staples and American singer song-writer JMSN. A fun little fact about Snoh? She’s Prince’s protégé. And that all you need to know for how big she’s going to be.

Nick Leng – “Plastic Moon”

South African artist Nick Leng debuts his latest song of new album Plastic Moon. The song details some of the most painful moments in his life and explores the emotional trauma of breaks-ups (a perfect track to have you in your feels Valentine’s). The wistful artist’s long-awaited debut EP, “Lemons” is set for release on 24 April. But for now, “Plastic Moon” serves as excellent intro into the mind of Nick Leng.


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