The West London rapper and singer returns with new EP “Settling Scores”.

amun settling scores ep interview
amun settling scores ep interview

After first making waves with her debut EP “Separate” in 2018, West London rapper and singer Amun is back with six-track project “Settling Scores” – and it bangs.

Fusing rap with melodic R&B and the story-telling approach of her 90s musical heroes, Amun’s created a unique sound and space in the industry that’s all her own – but her wider aim is to open up this space for other women in hip-hop alongside her, to level the gender bias and imbalance that still permeates the industry.

Alongside the release of “Settling Scores”, Amun just dropped cinematic, Stella Scott-directed visuals for track “Get Pounds“, featuring the best range of jewellery looks we’ve seen in a video for a while.

Whilst she tours this week with Joy Crookes, we caught up with Amun about her influences, aims and what we can expect next.

new noise amun settling scores ep interview
new noise amun settling scores ep interview

How did you start making music?
Music was always a part of my household. I grew up to my parents listening to hip-hop and R&B every day. I used to rap and sing along with the songs and thought to myself, ‘One day this could be me’. I used to see N-Dubz on the TV, and seeing Tulisa do the rap and singing thing inspired me to start recording at my local youth club, Bollo. Shout out Colin who still runs it to this day!

Who did you listen to growing up?
Growing up, I listened to the likes of Aaliyah, Donell Jones, SWV, Lauryn Hill and Ashanti.

How had growing up in London influenced your music?
London isn’t the easiest of cities to grow up in, but I feel the harshness made me toughen up towards whatever criticism may come my way [and] influenced me not to fear anything. That is why in my music I feel like I can do anything.

How would you describe your genre?
I would definitely describe it as hip-hop mixed with R&B.

Where do you get your inspirations from?
I just love music. It is who I am. Music has always been my friend. It’s one of the few things that has been there and never switched up on me.

How was the process of putting together your EP “Settling Scores”?
Long, but fulfilling. I am proud of this body of work. I learnt and grew a lot. It was an emotional rollercoaster with lots of laughing and crying, but I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

You’ve said before your mission is the bring a balance to the sexes – when did this passion start?
The growth of the UK rap scene and feeling underrepresented. The guys who do this are super talented and talking their truth, but I thought to myself, ‘Where’s the females at?’ Us girls can do this too about subjects that relate to us but doesn’t leave the man dem out.

Do you ever find it difficult to put music into the world that is so personal and close to your heart?
Never! I make music to release my emotions. It’s my therapy. I’m not so good with just speaking words.

What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever had about your music?
That it is lit! People keep saying to me that my music is universal and they can see it working everywhere. This makes me happy as I just want to be able to roam free.

What’s next for you? What are you excited for?
Well… The work never stops. I have already started working on my next EP and we’re definitely going to go a level up. I’m excited and looking forward to finally start touring the globe and connect in person with more supporters, wherever they may be.

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