Solardo, James Zabiela and Jessica Skye give us their Snowbombing Festival style (and survival) tips.

It’s finally here! Snowbombing Festival 2018 is upon us with a week of sun, snow, and some incredible musical sets guaranteed. I mean, where else can you have a beer at the top of a mountain, then head out to do a bit of yoga and see Stormzy in the evening?

Celebrating their 20th birthday this year, there’s so much happening at this festival it’s almost hard to take it all in. Luckily, we got some seasoned professionals to give us their tips on how to look good on the mountain and get the most out of what’s set to be one of the funnest weeks ever.


Even if you’ve never done it before, you’ve gotta hit the slopes for a bit at Snowbombing. It’s the best way to shake off a hangover! Also the Igloo Rave is a class experience.

It’s a weird one because when you’re on the slopes you defo need to wrap up, but then when you’re in the rave it’s a sweatbox, so it’s all about getting that right temperature. One certainty: don’t wear flip flops.

The Racket Club is lively, but this year we’re buzzing to be playing the Arctic Disco, so we’d recommend that. Also, Hans The Butchers for pre-snack sandwich before hitting the slopes.

There’s always something happening at Snowbombing! A classic memory would have to be when we hosted the pool party two years ago! That was one of our first proper experiences of Snowbombing and it was mental.

James Zabiela

Do not go mental on the first night! While Snowbombing is the most fun in the universe, it’s an endurance test and you want to enjoy the whole week and make it up the mountain at least once before midday as the snow is always better in the morning. I don’t advocate staying up all night and getting on the first lift in the morning, I have a friend who tried that and we had to physically carry him back to safety (which in his case was a much needed snooze in a deck chair at Rompa’s Reggae Shack whilst being blasted with full on Drum and Bass).

It’s late in the season, so the weather up top can be quite glorious, if you’re a competent boarder or skier feel free not to dress for the North Pole. If you’re going to have exposed limbs (there’s always some near naked bombers), remember scuffing yourself on the snow stings for sure and can leave a mark to say the least. You’re going to have to pack for all seasons though, you can be raving in the rain at the forest party (this is good because it’s usually a sign it’s snowing up the mountain).

If you’re a total beginner perhaps don’t wear the most fluro-lary-high-vis snow gear you can find to save on the embarrassment when you’re sliding down a blue run on your ass in dayglo green pants and luminous dinosaur onesie. You might want to be a bit more inconspicuous on your first go. Save the Scooby Doo Ski getup for the later in the week

Jessica Skye

My first Snowbombing was back in 2010 and I’ve been almost every year since! I’m so excited and stoked to be DJing at their 20th Birthday. It’s a mega honour! Fat Buddha Yoga is heading up all of the yoga activities too, so should be a super actioned packed week with lot’s of FBY Detox Yoga.

I’m SB OG, so I know how to prep. The louder the snow outfit the better, always take your sunnies, pack Berroca and layer up for the artic disco.

It’s a place where I’ve seen so many music legends for the first time from Fat Boy Slim to The Prodigy – neck deep in the belly of the mosh pit. I think this year will be as poignant as it is epic!


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