Meet Teddy Quinlivan + Hanne Gaby Odiele, the rebel faces of the new fragrance.

Creative, diverse, defiant. A strong indication of the heart of a perfume? The faces chosen to front it.

So in the case of Maison Margiela’s new fragrance, Mutiny, the choice of striking model muses Teddy Quinlivan and Hanne Gaby Odiele just about says it all.

Formulated by the French fashion house’s creative director John Galliano, Mutiny embodies his vision of the Maison Margiela woman.

So what does mutiny against the norm smell like? Glamorous and complex, drawing on deconstructed notes of tuberose, with a leathery accord of safran and vanilla bean – but with the added freshness of orange flower and citrus. Dreamy stuff.

We caught up with Teddy Quinlivan and Hanne Gaby Odiele about the new fragrance and what Mutiny means to them…

What does the word “activism” mean to you?
Hanne: Just speaking up about your own truth and what you believe in and stand up for it. Not being a bystander. Taking action. The truth is the truth. Facts are facts.

Teddy: I think that being an activist means being open enough in a public forum to say what you have to say. You can’t call yourself an activist if you sit in the mirror everyday and talk about shit to nobody. Being an activist is about having a message and not being afraid to fight for that cause in a public setting.

How do you exercise your activism?
H: By just living my own truth. That’s enough for me, and speaking up about my truth.

T: Sharing my story and making sure that what I’m saying, people are hearing. Whether that’s existing as a model in fashion, or doing interviews, or collaborating with people on projects that have to do with activism or my political beliefs.

What are you hoping to personally achieve?
T: There are so many things, that’s the thing with activism. As long as there is inequality there’s something to be fighting for.

H: For me, personally it’s ending intersex genital mutilation which is still happening all over the world today.

Teddy, from a professional perspective how has the fashion industry’s response been to your declaration?
T: I think from a professional perspective I’ve been very pleasantly surprised to see how many people are open and comfortable with me living my truth, which is I’m not a conventional model in a world that sees feminine beauty as being cis-gendered, feminine features. And so for me to be able to work with brands like Margiela for something as commercial as a fragrance, I think it goes to show that people are willing to start to take risks and to say ‘hey this is what I think is beautiful.’

And Hanne you spoke out last year about being Intersex. What has the response been to your declaration?
H: It’s been amazing and everyone in the community has helped a lot. Young people have been able to share their stories. I think Intersex really has kind of had a momentum since last year. More people found out what it really means.

What does it mean to be part of the Margiela campaign?
H: It’s amazing. It’s just strong women that are really standing for what they believe in.

T: It’s been incredible. It’s not just being able to work with Margiela as a house, but being able to work both with John who is an incredible, creative person, and one of the best designers of all time, living or dead. I think that in combination with the message behind this fragrance is really impactful. I think it’s a fragrance that relies very heavily on the identity of the person wearing it and who they are as a person and not what their body looks like.

Why do you think you two were chosen to be the faces of this campaign?
H: I think we kind of represent the word mutiny. We follow the beat of our own drum.

T: I think we’re fearless. I think we’re not afraid and also are independent.

What has it been like working with John Galliano?
H: It’s been great. I’ve admired him forever. He’s been doing great stuff for Margiela.

What do you love most about the fragrance?
T: I think it smells really good. Also, every aspect of this campaign and this fragrance has been really deeply thought out. It’s not like they wanted a pretty bottle with a pretty girl, selling a pretty fragrance so we can make a lot of money. It’s about taking a risk. It’s revolutionary, it’s first of its kind. It smells like it could be any strong, independent, powerful person.

H: It’s not overpowering and it has a nice linger.


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