Bit of dreamy-pop on a Thursday morning? Go on then.

You know when you hear those songs and you immediately picture yourself music-video-style staring out a window as you drive down a sunshine soaked country road? Or, there’s that perfect track for that classic tipsy-hands-in-the-air-dance at a festival? That’s the kinda feels you’re gonna get from Castorp’s latest track “In Search of the Sun”.

The project of South London based Steffan Davies, Castorp’s new number is a dazzling pop track full of modern psychedelia influences and woozy guitar lines. Delving into an escapist fantasy, the dream-pop gem is all about Davies’ attempt at staying sane in an often crazy world.

“‘In Search of the Sun’ is about seeking refuge from the madness of the city and distancing yourself from everything and everyone.” Davies says. “I am a kind of outgoing introvert so I often need to find a little place of solitude and need to get lost in my own head for a while. This, however, was a song about getting too lost in my own head and not being able to find my way back.”

Catch Castorp live at The Waiting Room on 26th July. More info here.