Getting to know the faces at Anti-Agency.


Aimée Gillingwater and Zoárd Heuzé are more than (extremely) pretty faces.

Aimée, or skatemiddleton to Instagram, started the all-girl skate group Bowl Babes with her mates. She’s created space for girls who skate to connect and in the process, has inspired loads of younger girls to take up the sport. She’s giving all those skater boys a run for their money and has been giving us ultimate wardrobe envy whilst she does.

As well as a successful modelling career Zoárd has worked on the other side of the lense as a photographer. He also co-manages London-based casting agency TIde Casting with his friend Rory Griffin.

We chat to the pair about modelling so far and all the other things they get up to.


Hey Aimee! Can you tell us how you got scouted?

It was really random I did a shoot for an photographer on portraits of skaters and it ended up going to Hero magazine. My agency saw it and asked to sign me from there! It was all pretty spontaneous.

What’s your weirdest on-set story?

Don’t really have many weird stories from on set, I’ve been lucky enough to have mainly super fun shoots and great teams to work with. Although I did get asked to skate a stair set in a plastic mini skirt and trainers two sizes to big once. That didn’t happen, lol.

Can you tell us about the best party you’ve been to?

The Palace Mwad Lands closing party was awesome because I loved that park a lot and got to say goodbye properly by sliding down all the banks and the roll in while really drunk.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve woken up to after a party?

Well I fell asleep at a party and then woke up to my friends feeding me cookies and pizza which I was apparently eating in my sleep…

Are you a drunk-texter?

Depends if I’ve been drinking mojitos.

You’re also skater – what do you love about it?

Everything, to be honest! I’m addicted to trying to learn new stuff, the feeling you get when you land a trick or get a line you’ve been trying for ages is insane. I spend all day with my friends doing something we all love and break ourselves for, you end up going home at the end of the day feeling like you really did something.

Have you ever skated naked?

Lol absolutely not, I like having my skin in tact.

Would you rather: fellow skater or fellow model?

Hahaha, I wanna be non-biased and say both.

We saw you interviewed for Urban Outfitters x Diadora last year – who else would you like to collaborate with?

Honestly there’s so many companies I would love to work with but I’m really into sports wear so a brand like Fila would be insane – although I really enjoyed the Chanel and So It Goes editorial so more high end fashion would also be sick.



Hey Zoard. How did you get into modelling?

Anti-Agency slid into my DMs actually during London Fashion Week and I went in the next day and met everyone.

If you could steal something you’ve worn on a shoot and get away with it, what would you choose?

It would definitely have to be this banging two piece black Dior suit with small metal eyelets all over it.

You’re also a casting director – if we made a film of your life, who would you cast to play you?

Who wouldn’t want a young Leo?

What would its theme song be?

The James Bond one…

Who would you cast as your lover?

Jorja Smith.

You do some photography too. Do you prefer being in front or behind the camera?

Definitely behind. When you’re in front of the camera you’re a part of someone else’s vision, which can definitely be interesting to be a part of but you don’t feel proud the final outcome in terms of a creative way, as you’re just taking part rather than creating essentially. When you’re behind the camera, you’re in control of everything and it’s “your” work.

How often do you take photos of yourself?

Not often, mainly to see the state I’m in when I’m on one.

If you could photograph anyone who would you photograph?

I can imagine shooting Kim Kardashian wouldn’t pay too bad, and you could probably shoot anyone you want after that anyway…

Snog marry avoid: Model, photographer, interviewer?

Marry a model, snog a photographer and avoid an interviewer.


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