The Milan-based duo on the bangers we should be listening to.

Fresh off of dropping their debut album S01 last month, Italian babes Santii are being hailed as the future of pop. Made up of longtime friends Miki and Alex, their debut record has loads of exciting features and shows off the pair’s talent and creativity.

So in-between listening to it on repeat, we got the guys to make us a playlist of the songs we should listen to when we need some S01 downtime. Check it out now…

Kevin Abstract – “Miserable America”

One of the best songs I’ve listened to lately. We have always been big Brockhampton fans and I think Kevin can be considered one of the best artists of the last years. He’s there on the podium, together with my other two favs, Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean.

Amber Mark – “Love Me Right”

Amber is my crush. Perfect voice. I wish I’d sing this song in front of a beautiful girl.

Rejjie Snow – “The Ends” feat. Jesse James Soloman

Super proud to have had Rejjie feature on a S01 track. This track has the perfect mood. It’s probably my favourite song from Dear Annie. His way of singing sounds like something from another dimension. His voice is a calm sea with a constant flow of waves. It makes you feel safe and in an abyss.

Col3trane – “Language” feat. Ebenezer

I think Cole is really one of those artists who deserves double or triple the attention he’s getting. His elegant and sincere style got me hooked since the beginning. Again, I found it hard to choose a track. I included this one because in addition to the music I think this video fully captures the backdrop I picture while listening to his music.

Sega Bodega feat. Shygirl – “CC”

The first time I discovered Sega Bodega was through this song that a friend of mine sent me. It was really love at first sight, one of the few times I can say 100% “I wish I wrote this song”. It’s a loop that makes your head explode. Listening to it helps me to make music, with the mantra:
“Get out of your head/Lose your hesitation.” Should be the anthem of the United Nations…

Danny L Harle – “Blue Angel” (feat. Clairo)

Two secret agents with psi abilities who fight against commercial espionage fall in love. With Danny’s music I almost always have this image declined in different stories and paths in my head. This song featuring Clairo couldn’t not be a super hit. Many hearts for the sound of this track. It should be played in church on Christmas Eve.

SOPHIE — “Faceshopping”

Sophie is winning everything. I’ve chosen this song because the video is perfect. The lyrics could be a treaty by Guy Debord. If an alien came to Earth, I would let them listen to this song, cause this is the true sound of this era.

Roy Purdy – “Walk It Out!”

Watching videos of Roy dancing at the supermarket or in line to get food never fails to put you in a good mood. Same goes for the music he makes. There is nothing but positivity and competence.

PNTHN – “chumbucket”

In love with their music. This song has a great beat, I listen to this one in loop for hours, it’s both soft and rough.

Russ – “Don’t Lie”

We’ve been listening a lot to his latest album, I was undecided on which track to choose. I ended up going for this one because I love this type of production, it reminds me of a certain 90s boy band but with classier sounds and lyrics.