The dance-pop pioneers on their fave songs.

Swedish duo Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow are changing the game. Dropping their debut album Pharmacy in 2015, the pair have since become renowned for their incredible live sets, playing over 200 shows a year around the world.

Now having released their follow-up record The Aviary, the duo are set to dominate the dance-pop world even more than they already have. To get to know ’em a little better (before we go back to dancing to “No Money” for the thousandth time), we got the guys to take us through the songs they’ve been listening to in-between wowing crowds worldwide. Check it out now!

Jamie xx – “Gosh”

Christian: We always keep coming back to this song. There is one synth solo that is so organic but so beautiful. It blows my mind every time I hear it.
Linus: It’s very rare that Galantis comments on synth solos but this in particular is so strong and melodic. The structure of it just makes you, I don’t know… shiver.
C: Yes, I hope it’s a freestyle, it sounds like a freestyle in there.
L: But really, the production, the build of the song is on a whole other level. Our chins just dropped when we first heard it.

Daft Punk – “Digital Love”

C: We always say, and this is the truth, this is one of the songs that made us want to do dance music and start Galantis. Everything about it is what we’re about. Beautiful songwriting and it speaks for itself. I think it is one of the best songs ever done.
L: Amen!

Justice – “Phantom Pt II”

C: It was hard to pick one from Justice, but Justice needs to be our list. It’s like whenever they came to the dance scene, they came with something so different.
L: There is a lot of French music on our list, and we can probably make our list only about French music BUT there’s no list that is complete without Daft Punk and Justice.
C: We are the biggest Justice fans in the world!

Mr Oizo – “Flatbeat”

C: Classic, unbeatable, “Flatbeat” by Mr. Oizo. The music video with Flat Eric is so timeless.
L: It’s very funky…
C: It doesn’t matter what type of hype, tech, new equipment you’ve got, you can’t beat that bassline with any wobble plug-in that you find in the world.
L: I think it’s time for us to start playing this one again…

DJ Mehdi – “Signatune (Thomas Bangaltor Edit)”

C: This one is to celebrate DJ Mehdi… Rest in peace! The video is classic, legendary, iconic. The song is, for me, forever in my favourites.
L: Made by a fantastic DJ, DJ Medhi.
C: Yes, one of the best that ever did it.
L: Unfortunately passed away way too early.

Skrillex – “Would You Ever” feat. Poo Bear

C: We have to mention this song because it was done by two good friends of ours – Skrillex and Poo Bear. Poo Bear is featured on our new album, The Aviary, and is one of our favourite writers. Skrillex is a good friend and one of the best artists, DJs, musicians we know. I can’t get enough of this one. It’s just timeless. So good.

Chemical Brothers – “Star Guitar”

L: I think the video set the trend, I would say. It was such a game changer.
C: The video is unreal. It is so good.
L: It is very simple but it goes so well with the song
C: You have to enjoy this song while checking out the video. The video supports the song in such a great way. It’s breathtaking. “Star Guitar”. Chemical Brothers. Dance Music History.

Fatboy Slim – “Praise You”

L: If there is one producer that knows how to handle good vibes and chord structures, it’s our man from Brighton, Fatboy Slim.
C: “Praise You” has the coolest piano riff ever put in a song. The video is also amazing… UNREAL! If you haven’t seen the video, go fucking check it out right now!

Cassius – “I Love U So”

L: Another French duo!
C: This one, when it came out, was so DOPE. It came with an app that is still the coolest app that has ever been put out. I don’t think anyone has really put out an app with a song after that! But you can’t beat it! It was so dope. The song speaks the Galantis language in terms of how vocals should be treated. Heavy treatment, but it is beautiful.

Post Malone – “rockstar” feat. 21 Savage

C: The number song in the world right now
L: And the only American on this list!
C: I gotta say this artist is something new and is in uncharted territories for me. He really blows my mind. He’s interesting in so many ways. This song is dope. I think it’s really cool that this song is the biggest in the world right now.