The best songs from the last week.

Pale Waves – “New Year’s Eve”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for this past year, you’ll be well aware that Pale Waves are one of the most exciting bands around ATM, and are single-handedly making us all wish we could pull off a black smoky eye. Recently releasing their newest shimmering slice of indie pop perfection, “New Year’s Eve” will have you dancing all the way to 2018. Taken from their upcoming debut EP, it’s sure to solidify them as frontrunners on every Sound Of 2018 list in existence, and make you love ’em even more.

Hex – “Gene Kelly”

Normally on a night out we have one too many JD and cokes and end up crying to our Uber driver about the meaning of life, but for some lucky people there’s that moment on a night out when everything slots into place and it’s smooth sailing until the early hours: such is the case with Hex in his new cut “Gene Kelly”. Blending elements of afro-swing akin to the likes of J Hus and Not3s, it’s a certified club banger that it’s slightly impossible not to dance along to. Oh, and the video also features a light-up umbrella, so that deserves some praise in its own right.

The Wombats – “Lemon To A Knife Fight”

For many of us, it was pretty much a right of passage to yell “THIS IS NO BRIDGET JONES” at the top of your lungs at one point during adolescence. That’s just the facts, soz. And now, giving us even more lyrical ammunition, The Wombats are back with “Lemon To A Knife Fight” – a song born out of an argument between frontman Matthew “Murph” Murphy and his wife – taken from their upcoming fourth album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. Set to be a banger, start warming up your vocals now…

Yungblud – “Tin Pan Boy”

Why write a strongly worded letter to the council when you can write a cutting indie banger instead? Such is the case with Yungblud’s latest offering “Tin Pan Boy”. Influenced by his anger at the redevelopment of Soho’s Denmark Street, the Northern newcomer channels his frustration into the Jamie T-esque guitar led song. “I have a real connection to all the music and art stores and to see people trying to tear out its soul makes me super upset and really pissed off,” Yungblud – real name Dominic Harrison – says. “Tin Pan Alley is where the foundations of British rock and roll and the pop music that we know today were built. Everyone from Jagger to Lennon to the Sex Pistols used to hang out there. To sit back and watch the transformation happen without saying something is not an idea that I’m into.”

Luna Bay – “Little Amsterdam”

Indie darlings Luna Bay are about to get your week off to the best start, releasing an undeniably fun and totally addictive melodic smash, “Little Amsterdam”. Rife with upbeat vibes that call back to warmer months (side note: why is it so fucking cold?), it’s hard not to crack a smile when listening to the track. An exciting glimpse at what the quartet have in store for next year, we’re sure to hear even more indie gems in the future.

Eminem – “Walk On Water” feat. Beyonce

It takes a special someone to win an award without actually having released anything. Such was the case last night at the MTV EMAs when Eminem managed to score the gong for Best Hip-Hop Act, despite his last record being 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Clearly his Donald Trump freestyle made an impact. Oh, and he’s just released an absolute tune with Queen Bey. Uncommonly quiet for the rapper, Mathers spits over piano chords (and the sounds of paper ripping?) in a strikingly honest glimpse at life post-Slim Shady – “The crowds are gone/And it’s time to wash out the blonde/Sales decline, the curtains drawn/They’re closing the set, I’m still poking my head out from behind.” Taken from upcoming album Revival, we can’t to see what else he has in store.

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Strange Boy – “Corbusier”

Be prepared to get goosebumps: dreamy duo Strange Boy – made up of Keiran Brunt and Matt Huxley – have just dropped their latest song “Corbusier” from their forthcoming EP “Annunciation”. Masterfully merging Keiran’s chillingly beautiful voice and Matt’s dark electronic production, it’s one of those songs that you can feel deep within your bones. Soaring and striking, the pair expertly blend modern and classical influences to create something fiercely original and overwhelmingly fantastic.

Sigrid – “Strangers”

It’s hard not to love Sigrid. The Scandi-pop sensation burst onto the scene with the brilliant song-of-the-summer “Don’t Kill My Vibe”, and now she’s back with “Strangers”. Full of pulsating synths and the kind of chorus that instantly makes you wanna jump around with your hands flailing like one of those inflatable people outside a car dealership, it’s an undisputed piece of power pop perfection. However, peel away the dance beat and – in the way of pop geniuses Jack Antonoff and Lorde – there’s a sadness to the song, as Sigrid describes the fakeness of romantic relationships (“We’re falling head over heels/For something that ain’t real”). An accomplished and impeccable track, it’s an exciting look at what a pure phenomenon Sigrid really is.

Black Honey – “Dig”

In a test of how much alliteration we can get into one sentence – “Dig” is the deliciously dark new drop from Black Honey. Full of melancholic guitar chords and brooding vocals, it’s a beautifully bleak song with a twisted Tarantino-esque video to match. Further proof that the quartet are one of the most exciting British bands around ATM – if you hadn’t already figured it out from their shitloads of sold out shows and the fab music they’ve already released – “Dig” is an exciting tip of what the band will be showcasing in the new year.

Pinegrove – “Intrepid”

Pinegrove are about to hit you right in the #feels. A slow-burning emotional sweeper, “Intrepid” is a blissfully beautiful and brilliant track from the indie rockers (we’ve gotten into an alliteration hole, sorry). Sincere and stunning, as singer Evan Stevens-Hall laments on a fading romance, it’s an intriguing look at what the sextet have up their sleeves.


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