The brand’s collaborative heritage explored.

Think about all the nights out that you’ve had. How many morning have you woken up and grabbed your phone to have a good WhatsApp goss with your pals about your antics? How many insanely poppin’ instas have you posted from a wild weekend with your besties? We’re guessing it’s quite a few. But behind every fire emoji night out is your favourite tipple that’s responsible for helping to make those magical memories. Ours is Martini. Not just because it tastes so damn good, but because they have a brand heritage that’s worthy of respect, manifesting in a series of impressive collaborations across a multitude of creative industries.

With ad campaigns that look like they’ve come straight from the mood boards of Mad Men, the collaborative efforts have seen the Italian brand team up with the likes of Jean Droit, San Marco and Andy Warhol. Each campaign traces the design aesthetic of any given era, following the maxims of each decade whether it’s the opulence of the 20s or the Pop-Art infusions of the 60s.

“I absolutely love them. They are perfect examples of where Martini has collaborated with brilliantly creative minds to produce iconic visual works. Each one is instantly recognisable as ‘Martini’, whilst maintaining the creative style and expression of each artist,” Martini’s Global Brand Director, Caroline Hipperson, says of the artistic collabs.

She continues: “Our visual campaigns have always been able to capture and define the times, preserving its image of international elegance. The success of these iconic campaigns is as much to the credit of the artists that Martini has collaborated with over the decades as it is to the brand itself.”

Aside from said partnerships, Martini has sought to solidify team ups in other areas: for those that are into the thrill of the fast and furious, Martini have an on-going relationship with F1 in the form of Martini Racing. Currently sponsoring Williams Martini Racing, whose drivers include Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll, the tipple’s relationship with cars has developed since the 60s and continues to grow today.

“Formula One also provides us an opportunity to bring together race fans for an aperitivo moment with friends, wind down after the day’s action and celebrate the joy of racing. To be at the heart of the sport once again, delivering fantastic experiences for fans, is brilliant.” Hipperson says of the brands’ sporting partnerships.

Outside of sporting, the drinks brand has teamed up with fashion house Dolce and Gabbana, manifesting in their Milan-based collaborative space Bar Martini – which sees the opulence of D&G met with the fine liquid treats devised by Martini. The D&G collaboration is expected to be pushed even further next year, but the proceedings remain a secret so far.

But why are Martini so keen on collaborating? “Martini has a deep-rooted heritage in sport, art and fashion. Through collaborations with like-minded brands, teams and icons we can ensure that – even after 150 years – Martini is viewed as more than just a drinks brand. We want to remain at the forefront of modern luxury, culture and entertainment across the globe,” Hipperson explains.

“Partnerships allow us to work with new and interesting people that share the same ‘Gioia di vivere’ that Martini stands for,” she adds. “In doing so, we continue to push the way that we think about Martini as a brand, constantly innovating, while staying true to our rich heritage – I believe that this will result in Martini being able to deliver better experiences and products for consumers now and for another 150 years.”

We’re still holding out for an Martini x Uber collaboration TBH.


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