Eyes On: The Most Beautiful Man In The World

The Zine celebrates the launch of Issue 5 with new exhibition.

If you haven’t heard of The Most Beautiful Man In The World magazine, it pretty much says what it does on the tin. Dedicated to the men that “make us catch our breath”, the zine champions real men around the world that deserve some appreciation, photographed in their natural habitats.

For their highly-anticipated 5th issue, the publication are keeping things local, exploring the breadth of the U.K. to document the dreamiest men that our home country has to offer. It’s fitting that the issue should drop on the result day of the general election, as Brexit Britain and the U.K’s political predicament is what inspired those behind the magazine to focus this issue on the U.K.

To celebrate the release of the issue, the magazine will host a one day (so make sure you don’t miss it!) exhibition in Soho’s Greek Street, where you can absorb all the best pics from the latest issue. There will also be the opportunity to buy prints and t-shirts.

Ahead of the launch of the exhibition, we spoke to founder Frank Strachan to find out more about the latest issue.

Tell us where the inspiration for the new issue came from.

I hate to say it, but I think Brexit chatter and politics made me turn my attention to the UK. We’ve shot all over the world in some amazing locations, lots of sunshine. But the UK has a different style of beauty, I wanted to explore. We can find hot men anywhere – the key cutter in Oxford Circus just caught my eye on my journey to the studio this morning… they’re everywhere, especially when summer is approaching.

What the key themes within the new issue?

You can’t really over intellectualise it – beautiful men. We shoot them often in their own environments, in an unforced relaxed style. Its not about styling someone up into something else, rather documenting what we love about them.

Which is your favourite shoot from the issue and why?

Oh, thats so hard! Probably my plumber. I (and my housemates) have had a crush for a while. When an american photographer staying with me last year met him (and confused him for my boyfriend with much hilarity) he tried to shoot him, but we were uncharacteristically shy (it was a bit harder with a person I know I’m going to infrequently see rather than a random person in the street!) But then I asked for this issue, and he was so friendly and easy going about it – on the phone he said he’d common his plumbing gear – footy shorts and a sweater – as he needed to do some work on the kitchen sink anyway. Then the sun came out, and his top came off. Everything just fell into place, and I didn’t even have to leave my kitchen.

Tell us about what led you to do the exhibition.

This issue we’ve gone up in production values, and its beautifully printed on matt thick paper, perfect bound, (in the past its been newsprint), so we wanted to make sure people knew! And they get to see for themselves. We sell online from a little web-store, so this is a nice opportunity for people to come down and say hi, and have a look and feel for themselves. I was so nervous but it arrived yesterday, and its so so nice…

What can people expect to see in the exhibit?

Handsome beautiful men. We’ve had prints done of the guys, and they’re all over the walls. From a ‘street cast’ portfolio of the men passing through a service station, to collegiate boys rowing in Henley. And the magazine, and t-shirts.

The exhibition runs for just one day, can you see yourself progressing to larger scale exhibitions in the future?

That would be great, of course. Although let me get through this one first [laughs]! I’m looking forward to it, showing people what we’ve been working on.

What are your hopes and dreams for The Most Beautiful Man In The World?

That people enjoy it as much as we love making it. We have a nice loyal following, and it’s great hearing from people on Instagram, through the webstore. I love getting tip offs from other people of who they would like to see in the magazine. Right now its raining, so maybe the next issue needs to be a California special!

Finally, who is the most beautiful man in the world?

The title is obviously ridiculous – it came about from a folder on my desktop, where we dropped research before we had a title, and that was my name for it – and it stuck! My answer could change by the minute, but right now I’ll go with Jonathan Bailey, our cover guy. He’s a great actor, I’ve ‘appreciated’ him for a few years, but then in person he’s the sweetest, cutest, most charismatic – but not in an overpowering way – guy you could ever meet. And then when the top comes off…

Check out the exhibition at 19 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 4DT. Saturday 10th June 10am – 6pm.

Ryan Cahill
Eyes On: The Most Beautiful Man In The World

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