Playlist: The Goon Sax

The Aussie teens tell us their fave songs.

Forming in high school in 2013, Brisbane babes Louis, Riley and James have been making delightful pop music ever since. Releasing their critically acclaimed debut album, Up To Anything, last year, the group has gone from strength to strength creating a sound which blends shoegaze and indie-pop elements and makes something wonderful.

Currently on tour, we grabbed a minute with the tantalising trio to find out what their go-to songs are.

Vince Taylor – “Shakin’ All Over”

Louis: I hadn’t heard of Vince Taylor until quite recently and the very intriguing description I read turned out to be absolutely true. This cover of Johnny Kidd and The Pirates classic seems even better than the original but I can’t tell if that’s also just because I am totally addicted to the video. The combination of leather suit and gold chain and perfect quiff might just be my favourite rock star look of all time, also his wonderful hand gestures and pained expression top it off perfectly. Taylor’s vocal performance is so emotional and convincing it draws you in from the moment he starts singing.

Usher – “Climax”

L: This song is so sad and powerful, I remember hearing this for the first time and being absolutely blown away by the melody which goes straight into the chorus at the beginning of the song. I heard it on the radio when I was 13 or 14 and it made me totally fall in love with R&B which I had stupidly ignored a little bit up to that point, so I partly love it because it made me listen to so many other things. I listened to a couple of other songs off that album and didn’t like them quite as much but it’s still one of my favourite songs of all time. The production is so sleek and the lyrics are very direct and completely crushing. It also never loses it’s effect either, so I get the same feeling listening to it every time that I had when I heard it for the first time. Sometimes I forget about it for a little while, and when I remember I immediately become excited to hear it again.

Kehlani – “Undercover”

L: This is such a perfect song! The progression of the melody is wonderful, it builds and then erupts into a fantastic chorus. The lyrics are beautiful too, tough but really touching at the same time. I think I spent about a week a couple of months ago listening to nothing but this song. It’s a great walking song.

Buzzcocks – “Love You More”

Riley: This is one of my favourite Buzzcock’s songs. I love how pop-y it is and how emotionally loaded the words are. I like that they seem to be as romantic as I am. It’s a real classic.

Kitchen’s Floor – “Bitter Defeat”

R: This here is a classic song from a classic Brisbane band called Kitchen’s Floor. One of the many beautifully solemn anthems of our home town that the band has produced over the years.

Josef K – “Chance Meeting”

R: This is a brilliant song by Glasgow’s Josef K. The production is fantastic and the lyrics are so poignant – a really wonderful band. The video is brilliant also.

Bon Iver – “CR∑∑KS”

James: I hadn’t listened to 22, a million at all before getting on a flight to Bangkok right before I wrote this. I listened to it like 3 times on the trip and this song really stuck out to me. The autotune and harmonies are really impactful alongside the lyrics. Got pretty sad listening to this one.

Sleaford Mods – “The Committee”

J: This song is really cool, I really like the bass line and the “bruv, we’re recording, bruv” at the beginning, not to mention the other really cool ranting Jason WIlliamson does on the track. The drum machine is also really cool. All really cool.

Marianne Faithfull – “Guilt”

L: An epic track off the greatest comeback album of all time. These lyrics also have to be among the greatest lyrics of all time. “I never stole a scarf from harrods but if I did you wouldn’t miss it.” I got into this record a couple of months ago, it took me a few songs to get totally into it but by the time this one came on I had been drawn in and hooked. The synths and saxophones are fantastically moody and the beat is simple and dancy, although there is a lot going on arrangement wise it never takes away from the incredible power of the vocal.

Playlist: The Goon Sax

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