New Noise: OUTLYA

Talking with the tantalising trio.

Pop newcomers, OUTLYA, are taking the world by storm. Following the release of their debut single, “The Light”, their unique blend of pop and rock created major buzz around the three-piece. Now, they have dropped their newest single, “Higher”, which is an equally incredible track. With an anthem-like sound, the crashing percussion and captivating vocals create an uplifting soundscape for the instant dance-along track.

Having locked themselves in the studio for the entirety of 2016 to focus on songwriting, taking inspiration from their collection of weird and wonderful old records, the boys are set on making their music speak to people, as other artists’ have done to them, “If you’re a fan of Grace Jones amongst other like minded people, you’re connected. You go to that same place. Subconsciously, the reason it’s so drilled into my brain is because that’s the way I’ve always seen it, ever since I started listening to music, there was always a place to go to. There are artists like Jon Hopkins and Bonobo who make specifically transportative music, but all music has it in some way. I hope ours will do too.”

About to embark on a huge UK tour, we caught up with the guys to find out all about them.

How did you three meet?

Washed up on an island.

Was there a moment when you realised you wanted the band to be your full time job?

We’ve played together for various things in the time we’ve known each other but ever since OUTLYA started there has been a whole new lease of life in everything that we’ve done done. Waking up at 5am to drag a generator to a beach in January to film a video to sitting in a car for hours at a time exploring the country is surreal and the concept of being able to call that your job is so exciting to us. When we realised writing music was an opportunity explore all these other avenues that’s when it really cemented it in our minds.

Are there ever times where you have differing opinions on where to go with your music?

Yes all the time. We’ll be talking about ideas and it’ll get quite heated and then we’ll all stop, remind ourselves we all want the same end result and then just get back to it. There needs to be conflict and a certain clash of opinion creatively, that way only the best ideas make it through. It’s the most difficult about collaboration but is also what makes it the most fun and rewarding when you crack it.

“Sometimes before you put your faith in anything else, it’s good to make sure you have some faith in yourself.”

You say “The Light” is “a song about self-belief and finding the strength to overcome in moments of loss and fear”, what inspired this?

It wasn’t inspired by one particular time in our life; it’s more about those moments when you have to really kick yourself into gear in order to get results. There seems to be a lot going wrong in the world at the moment and at times it can be really over whelming. At a time where mental health issues are so widely known about but still not freely and openly discussed it feels right to have a song about being able to overcome personal struggles. We’ve all been there in some way or another. Sometimes before you put your faith in anything else, it’s good to make sure you have some faith in yourself.

Your music is a real fusion of piano pop and rock, who are your greatest musical influences?

The Beatles, Kanye West, Leif Eriksson. We like to try and listen and learn as much as we can from others. Especially the Norse.

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Warm, Bright, Solace.

What else is in store for OUTLYA for the rest of 2017?

We just love exploring the world of OUTLYA. Expect a lot more music and a load of DIY videos and photos of what we find along the way.

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New Noise: OUTLYA

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