New Noise: Paperwhite

In conversation with NYC’s finest, Paperwhite.

Prepare to pine over dreamy-pop duo, Paperwhite. The NYC brother-sister band are joining the likes of Haim and Bleached as bands who make us wish our siblings were more talented (sorry, sis).

Brooklyn-based Ben and Katie Marshall first started writing songs together when they were teenagers and Paperwhite was officially born in 2013. Now gearing up to release their third EP, which is due for release on April 19th, the synth-pop pair’s sizzling melodies have been given a more mature feel. New track “Human Nature” is the perfect example of this. With beautiful vocals and sophisticated synth sounds, it will get you buzzing with excitement for April 19th.

Now, Paperwhite are spoiling us with an exclusive release of their new track “Human Nature” remixed by the fabulous Great Good Fine OK. As the pair told us, “Great Good Fine OK is one of our favorite bands to tour with and to listen to, so when we were thinking of remixes we knew immediately that they would bring some amazing dreamy nostalgia to Human Nature. We’ll be jamming to this one for a while!”

Stick this amazing song on repeat, and read on to find out more about this exciting duo.

You’re a brother/sister duo. How do you find working together?

Katie: We actually really enjoy working together!

Ben: Yeah, we’ve always gotten along really well and our skill sets are very complimentary. We rarely ever really disagree about what is good or isn’t good, and we have a lot of laughs while we’re at it.

How did you both realise that you wanted to work together?

K: Forming Paperwhite felt like a natural progression after years of collaboration. Ben has been producing my songs for over a decade. It started off as him helping me with my singer/songwriter tunes in high school and as we learned more about our particular styles, our collaborations became more interesting and unique. All of the sudden we had something worth sharing. I don’t know if there was one moment in particular where we knew, it just felt right so we went for it.

“All of the sudden we had something worth sharing. I don’t know if there was one moment in particular where we knew, it just felt right so we went for it.”

How would you describe your new track “Human Nature”?

K: While “Human Nature” is a slight departure from we’ve released in the past, it’s a hint at the direction we’ve always wanted to go in. We’re so enamoured by music that has a dreamy quality but doesn’t lose the intensity that keeps you moving. We think we’ve found a balance with “Human Nature” and we want to keep exploring that sound. As far as the message we’re trying to send goes, “Human Nature” is a celebration of letting go and allowing yourself to feel. We think that its more important now that ever to really know and express who you are.

B: I think we both really enjoy the process of working the way we do (meaning making music on a computer). Being able to collaborate over the internet or get an idea down quickly, but you get tired of hearing the same synth sounds over and over. I think aesthetically at least, “Human Nature” was us exploring what different “programmed” music could sound like.

What can we expect from your up coming third EP?

K: We’re always trying to shake things up and keep the music moving forward so you might hear a little bit of the moodier side of Paperwhite on this EP. We’ll never stop with our hopeful and dreamy dance tunes but we want to explore other sides of ourselves as well.

You write your own music. Tell us about your creative process.

K: We have a couple ways of going about songwriting. Sometimes Ben comes up with this incredible track and it instantly inspires a mood and melody for me. Other times, I’ll come to Ben with the beginnings of a song that I wrote on piano and Ben will take it from there. Even though some of our songs start separately, it’s only when we’re in the room together that the song is fully realised.

B: Yeah, there’s really no “one way” that we do it, but at the end of the day after playing with all the production toys and sounds we have at our disposal, we try to consider the song as the most valuable component.

What can we look forward to next from Paperwhite?

K: We actually have our second single coming out very soon! Beyond that, we’ll be releasing our third EP later in the spring and we’ll be planning a tour around it. We’re so excited for the next couple months and we can’t wait to share more music!

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New Noise: Paperwhite

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