7 Wonders: Britney Spears

As Britney celebrates her 35th birthday – we chart some of her most iconic moments.

Britney Spears is an instantly recognisable pop icon – she’s had 23 top-ten UK singles, 8 top-ten UK albums, won a ton of awards and is responsible for some of the most memorable red carpet looks. This year she dropped her 9th studio album ‘Glory’, the release of which she celebrated with a rip-roaring, multi-costume performance at London’s Roundhouse as part of the Apple Music Festival. Following her early beginnings as a Disney star, she’s grown into a global phenomenon, joining the likes of Cher, Madonna and Prince as a star who enjoys forename status. Britney, we will always love you.

As she rings in her 35th birthday – Happy B’day Brit!!- we chart some of Britney’s most iconic moments from double denim delights to revealing Rolling Stones covers.


Back in ’93 Britney made her TV debut on Disney’s hit show “The Mickey Mouse Club”. She quickly established herself as major child star of the nineties alongside Justin Timberlake, Xtine and ultra-babe Ryan Gosling. The show gave her the platform to establish herself as a major star in the making and gave her the mainstream coverage she needed to develop into the Britney that we know and are OBSESSED with today. Major kudos to Disney.


Britney is no stranger to causing a stir at the VMA’s. Her 2001 performance saw her performing with a HUGE yellow snake wrapped around her neck, making it one of the most iconic and recreated VMA performances and looks to date. We’re still slaves 4 u Brit.


If snake-gate wasn’t enough, Brit returned to the VMA’s in 2003 to perform alongside Madonna, Missy Elliott and Xtina, offering up a bridal display with Madge as the groom. THAT kiss sent shockwaves globally and is often referred to as one of the greatest moments in music history.


This year marks 15 years since Justin and Britney dared to do double denim at the American Music Awards. The former bae’s donned head-to-toe patchwork denim ensembles, including denim handbag and denim hat. The seminal look made such an impression, it was recreated by Wonderland cover star Katy Perry and Riff Raff at the 2014 VMA’s.


Britney’s Rolling Stone magazine covers have become somewhat of a collectable. But her 1999 cover is one of the publications most controversial, featuring Brit in polka dot hot-pants, a black bra and an open pyjama top while clutching a soft toy. Instantly controversial, the cover shoot created wide debate about the sexualisation of a young Britney, who was only 17 at the time.


Okay, so obviously Brit has a long list of iconic music vids. “Hit Me Baby One More Time” is obviously an ultimate classic, alongside “Oops I Did It Again”, but “Toxic” is a Wonderland fave. The major looks, the fierce hair, the Tyson Beckford cameo, the delicious dancing, the narrative are all iconic moments of Britney at her best.



Uniting some major pop princesses including P!nk and Beyonce, Britney starred in one of the most adored commercials of all time. Offering a Roman-era throwback, the girls overthrow evil emperor Enrique Iglesias with a powerful rendition of “We Will Rock You” – yes, seriously! Seeing is believing…


Ryan Cahill
7 Wonders: Britney Spears

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