New Noise: Bricc Baby

Trip out with the help of Bricc Baby’s slurred vocals and heavy beats.

Bricc Baby is the LA born, Atlanta based rapper making a name for himself working alongside industry heavy weights Kid Ink, Young Thug and Chris Brown.

After starting out dabbling in music management, Bricc Baby finally found his calling in the recording studio, making his own scatty hybrid of hip-hop and trap. Previous incarnations MPA Shitro, Shitty Montana and Bricc Baby Shitro eventually led to the name Bricc Baby, inspired by his mother who spent four years in prison for dealing cocaine.

Now on his third mixtape “Nasty Dealer 2”, Bricc Baby is developing his sound with help from some pretty great producers such as DJ Mustard, Brodinski and Dun Deal. As for Bricc Baby himself, his voice is hard and gravelly and his lyrics confident – album highlights include tracks Pull Up and Trap Out The Uber, vaguely melodic yet still trap-heavy.

We managed to score a quickfire email interview with Bricc Baby and find out a little about the mixtape, his own ambitions for the future and discover that his disorderly vocal style isn’t just confined to music…

How did you get started in a music career? Was music always a part of the plan?

Music was always the plan but I was trynna call myself a manager investing into local zone 3 artists in Atlanta like Young Thug and Duke. Me and Peewee (Longway) were always business partners then one day I start recording, I really love this shit.

What inspired you to make the song “Pull Up”? Is there a story or a meaning behind it?

I’m always on my phone like so when I’m driving I’m gonna pull up no matter if it’s my manager, mom, a jugg or if it’s politics in the hood. If I’m pullin’ up for money I’m pullin’ up faster.

What’s the story behind the music video?

The story is simple and sketchy at the same time because I’m driving in different cars and doin’ a lot of shit but I never end up at the destination.
Did you have a good time making it, or were there some difficulties?

Everything is fun – or we don’t do it the Bricc City rules way.

You’re affiliated with both LA and ATL, do you prefer one over the other? What’s the difference between the two music scenes?

I’m from LA so I prefer LA but ATL is my second home, the club scene kills LA. The difference between LA and ATL’s music scene is LA is more Hollywood and if your not hot or in the in crowd your assed out. In ATL if you’re workin’ you’re gonna get exposure and everybody fucc with each other. The politics separate in LA.

How did you end up collaborating with the likes of Chris Brown, DJ Mustard, Young Thug, etc? What was it like working with them?

I’m the king of LA hands down so the streets fucc wit me. Red and blue (Bloods and Crips) and Thug’s family. I’ve been roccin with my bro (Thug) from ‘I Came From Nothing 1’, I always knew he’d do it he just from the Zoo he had to calm down. And Chris is also like my brother so we just locc in and make music, I learn something new in every session and that’s how I formed my style.

Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Future, Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill & Juvenile.

What was it like working with different producers? Do you have a favourite?

I just go and vibe, my favourites are C4, Dun Deal, Wheezy and the whole Trenchwork camp.

How would you musically describe this mixtape to us? (NDP2)

Trapped out, the real me – no cutts. My best piece of work since the first tape, we picced out of like 35 songs or so. So fxxkin amazing.

What’s your favourite song off of the mixtape and why?

‘Havin’ because it just me going crazy with a pocket full of money sauce. By the way we started the sauce movement in ‘08.

Where do you want to see your career in 5 years?

Label deal and fully established in the game like I am wit the street shit. I’m an educated general, all u have to do is lead me to the matter. Imma swim point blank. Period. I wanna be like Jay Z.

New Noise: Bricc Baby

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