DREAMERS Read Our Dreams

Kimye and polar bears? Spiritual new band DREAMERS have a go at reading the Wonderland team’s dreams.

From hearing Coyotes during a sleepover in the Nevada desert to getting blessed by Papa Smurf, band DREAMERS are certainly one of a kind. The band consists of Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Nelson (bass/vocals) and Jacob Wick (drums) and each of these gentlemen has had a rocky road on the path towards a musical career. One day they decided to ditch the office jobs and use their talents to bring happiness into people’s lives. As Wold says, “the role of the artist in society is to be the dreamer, the one who thinks ahead”, and thus the DREAMERS were born.

The trio is all about playing smart pop songs that blend pop, jazz and indie into a psychedelic ray of sunshine. Their debut LP very much does exist, despite the clever title of “This Album Does Not Exist”, and it’s set to release on the 26th August (this Friday!). The 12-track LP is full of sparkling feel good tunes, with enough pop to make you move your feet but just enough indie to hit you right in the feels. This band has been through everything from camping out in the desert in the hopes of catching a meteor shower to literally living out of their practice space. Being constantly in touch with their spirituality, the name DREAMERS suits them beautifully. But being the sneaky ones we are here at Wonderland, we decided to put them to the test and see just how mystic they really are. We sent them a compilation of odd dreams that we’d had and asked if they could shed some light on one of life’s most perplexing mysteries. Dreamers you say? Well, we shall see…

“Once I dreamt I was being chased by polar bears in Alaska while I was on a motorised sleigh thing”

This is a manifestation of anxiety over climate change. Polar bears are having to adapt to survive. Hunting people on motorized sleighs isn’t ideal but we have only ourselves to blame. There may also be an undercurrent of resentment about learning the truth about Santa Claus in there. Advice: avoid white lighters.

“More recently I dreamt Kim and Kanye came to my house party and I got really excited to meet them but then Chrissy Teigen got in my way in the corridor and they left while I had to make polite small talk with her.”

Chrissy Teigan hosts Lip Sync Battle. This dream is about worrying people don’t say what they actually mean. Kim and Kayne represent The Truth. The truth behind the facade. The polite small talk is missing out on actually knowing anyone as we project who we want others to think we are by adopting the voice and affectations of cultural norms and icons. Advice: Have a couple rounds and actually sing karaoke with your best mates.

“I also get sleep paralysis a lot, the fuck’s up with that?”

Actually, every member of our band has had that at some point. It can be absolutely terrifying. Deep REM sleep induces complete muscle paralysis to prevent people from acting out their dreams. Which is fine until some disruption makes you conscious during it. I used to have dreams where rooms kept getting smaller and I couldn’t get out. I’d “wake up” terrified only to realize I had merely woken up into another dream!! Nick used to have Shadow People creeping up on his bed while he was powerless to flee. Advice: enjoy the free hallucinations or seek medical help if it keeps freaking you out.

“I dreamt a group of guys in leather jackets crashed my house, but it was actually a holographic bermuda triangle with giant slides filled with alcohol. Explain?”

That was a premonition of our next music video. Advice: you have kick ass dreams. Throw a house party and make some art.

“Sometimes I dream that the door is shrinking and I’m growing — have I watched too much Alice in Wonderland?”

First off, there is no such thing as too much Alice in Wonderland. Perhaps this is a dream about dreams? The concern that your dreams are bigger than the world around you will allow. Advice: be fearless. The shrinking door is an illusion and your aspirations are tangible. Make the door bend to you.

“I once dreamt I jumped a dangerous height down the stairs, but then I was fine, what does it mean?!”

The realization that your fears are unfounded. The knowledge that you are capable of more than the “rules” would seem to suggest. This is a dream of confidence. Advice: don’t literally jump from a dangerous height, but don’t be afraid to take the risks you feel you need to take. Here’s to wild adventures and safe landings. We have your back.

Mariah Rosslee
DREAMERS Read Our Dreams

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