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We chat to the Attribute team and face of the brand Erin Wasson about the brand’s aesthetic, their designs and what they’ve got in store for us.

It’s about time that a new brand made a splash. Cue Attribute, the brand new London design studio bridging the gap in the market for shoes and accessories that combine and mix their bold, cutting edge aesthetic with gorgeous materials and quality that is unparalleled. Their innovative hybrid approach to design makes shoes and accessories that are both accessible and aspirational – isn’t that what we all want? Created by a team of visionary British designers and industry experts, Attribute are making some of the most innovative and exciting shoes and accessories around.

Their debut collection, “Let Us Dream” is the epitome of what the brand’s about; it’s a blend of 80s punk rock icons contrasted with the old school glamour of 80s and 90s supermodels. Modelled by icon and collaborator Erin Wasson, this collection is a dream come true. We spoke to the Attribute team and to Erin Wasson about the collection and what the brand’s all about.

Who makes up the Attribute Team?

The collective have experience ranging from, Topshop Unique, All Saints and Liberty, We have product developers from Gucci, and McQ, great manufacturing/technical knowledge, and graphic designers who have worked with Vetements and Harrods. So a real diverse mix.

Sum up Attribute aesthetic in five words

Directional, uncompromising, considered, relevant, sparking an emotion

What was the starting point for your debut collection “LET US DREAM”?

The debut collection ‘Let us dream’ was heavily influenced by London! And the movements that have happened within it, London is such an amazing hive of mixed fashion and music culture.

References to punk and skin heads feature heavily in the launch collection. The music, influenced from Reggae Ska, and the feeling that was around in the early 80s when they really emerged. It’s all about being individual, yet part of something, its about having a vision, or a dream, and inspiring others to join with you in that dream. That movement and feeling is a strong inspiration to what Attribute is about.

Often Skins and punks have a really gritty, aggressive connection to them, so we wanted to give it a more beautiful feel to all the assets by incorporating spiritual stances with dreamy backgrounds, that’s when let us dream was born.

Why do you think it’s important for your designs to be trans-seasonal? How often can we expect new designs?

It’s important for us to bring the product in at the relevant time of the season, as that’s when people actually want to wear it. Attribute has an ethos to be accessible to whoever wants to wear us, at the times they really want to wear us. We work hard to deliver uncompromising quality so want our customers to wear the product as soon as they get them. Every month we will bring in new drops that are mini-stories within the overall seasonal story that our designs explore.

What has Attribute got in the pipeline?

The Attribute pipeline is looking busy. We have our pop up store on London’s Redchurch Street that runs until September 25th. We will be hosting a series of intimate events in store throughout this time. As we move into full winter season our new categories start to drop, including our leather outerwear collection. We have our September party coming up, are working on new pop up stores, and excitingly for London Fashion Week, we have our collaboration with Teatum Jones on their catwalk show collection.

We also chatted to face of the campaign and collaborator Erin Wasson:

How did you get involved with Attribute?

Attributed approach me to work with them to front the launch campaign, i liked the sound of the brand and they way they worked as a design collective, they asked me to help design a shoe for the launch which felt very inclusive.

What drew you to working with the brand?

The design mentality of the brand, the vibe a spirit of the collection, its quite rock and roll. I like that they are a new brand and at the early stages of crafting what they will look and feel like. They are e-commerce only (apart from a pop up store in shoreditch) which means anyone in the world can buy into the brand which again feels inclusive. I like that they are taking on the shoe giants by removing the wholesale margin from the cost of the shoes and retailing directly to a consumer, its brave.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

The ‘Nicks’ mule which comes in cracked leather in white nd in black and a leopard print, and the ‘Patti’ boot which has this great blue and white contrast design with heavy stud work to them.

Why do you think it’s important to support fledgling brands?

All brands start small and grow.

What can you tell us about your shoe designs?

The ‘Nicks’ mule which comes in cracked leather in white and in black and a leopard print is the style i worked on with the design team, it has the right mix of casual throw on cool.

Annabel Lunnon
Attribute x Erin Wasson

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