Premiere: POORGRRRL – "the bluèzZz… rn"

Subversive internet sensation POORGRRRL serves us her new video.

It’s safe to say POORGRRL (as her give-a-fuck, all caps name suggests) is a fairly divisive figure. A true internet-age artist, she first came to the world’s attention in October of last year when she made her debut performance at iii Points Music Festival. Soon after, she dropped a bumper 11 minute music video Triptic, which culminated with her debut single “we Trashy”. Mad, in places deliberately bad, and fairly inscrutable, the video is a postmodern slice of weirdness that defies listeners to dislike it. Next came an audio-visual installation during Art Basel Miami at the “Littlest Sisters Art Fair”, which was typically unusual and garnered plenty of that essential buzz a young artist needs to propel themselves out of obscurity.

Well, last month Miami native Tara Long – the woman behind the grrrl – finally dropped her debut EP, PITIPARTIand it doesn’t disappoint in the eccentricity stakes. One of the record’s highlights, “the bluèzZz… rn”, has just been given the video treatment and you can see it here on Wonderland first. A montage of scenes which raise more questions than they answer, the short, with its surreal distortions and enigmatic lyricism, is the perfect way to kick off a weird weekend. Plug in and read on for our chat with POORGRRRL: you might just like it. And if you don’t? One thing’s for sure, Long won’t care.

Where did the name POORGRRRL come from and why not use your real name? 

“If the fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise.” –William Blake

She is an archetype, a damsel in distress.

She only represents an exaggerated part of me, like a clown.

Describe your sound in three words? 

ABN – Awkward Bass Noise

What’s the Miami music scene like? Does it have any influence on your sound?

Disconnected and misrepresented, it inspires us to revolt.

Tell us about your debut EP “PITIPARTI”? What are the main themes? 

It was recorded in a doublewide trailer (a nice one) over the course of four days.  It focuses on overcoming anxiety, depression and doubt.  AKA: a self help tape for my self 😛

What do you like to make people feel with your music? 

Like they’re not alone.

Your “the bluèzZz…rn” video is mind-blowing – where did the concept come from and who did you work with? 

The concept revolves around escapism.  There is a history of suicide in my family, but I cannot escape that way, it’s too unoriginal…  The suicide attempts are merely a distraction from reality and never fully realized.  We worked with our friends Biagio Musacchia as Director, David Cabrera as DP and Madhavi Ghiotti as Art Director and Stylist.

Tell us about your 11-minute long video Triptic – it caused a lot of debate! 

Triptic was the very first release of POORGRRRL.  I wanted to pay homage to the underground music culture I grew up with here in Miami.  It doesn’t even necessarily represent my taste, but it’s where I come from.  I think some people get it and some people don’t.  It is what it is.

What’s your writing process like? 

It’s more like a stream of consciousness than structured writing.  It’s meant to imitate the seemingly random streams of external information bombarding our senses daily.  It’s an internal product of my external environment.

Your sound is super unique – who influences you? 

It’s heavily influenced by popular culture. It teaches us both what TO do and what NOT to do.

What would you say is your greatest musical achievement so far? 

Vinyl 😉 (specifically my face on the sleeve)

You also create audio-visual art – tell us about your involvement with Art Basel Miami?

My background is visual art and theatre. I installed work for a group show called Littlest Sister during Art Basel. I made POORGRRRL prints, vinyl wallpaper, and had a gold pedestal with a flat screen TV balancing on it playing my music on headphones. I also made a large print on wood with a tape rack full of tapes with the PITIPARTI EP on it. Nothing sold but all the tapes were stolen lol.

What are you working on at the moment? What have you got coming up?

Working on a full-length release for Parachute Records, my next show is at iii Points, a Miami music festival in October.

Premiere: POORGRRRL - "the bluèzZz… rn"

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