Cîroc On Arrival Ibiza

Mario Testino captured Amber Le Bon DJ in Ibiza for the first time in celebration of her Cîroc On Arrival moment.

So far, Hunger Games actor Sam Claflin and the inimitable caricature that is Derek Zoolander have both posed in front of Mario Testino’s lens for Cîroc’s global On Arrival campaign. Now fashion’s favourite DJ, Amber Le Bon has had her turn, this time in the holy land of the disc spinners, Ibiza. Inspired by Slim Aarons, the distinctive French vodka brand enlisted the legendary Peruvian photographer as their Creative Director for the campaign, a job that includes jet-setting between Rio and the Alps and sipping cocktails. We’re starting to wish we were handy with a camera now!

Amber’s debut as an Ibiza DJ drew the hottest crowds from across the island. London actress and all round party girl Clara Paget was in attendance, as was man-of-the-moment Jack Guinness and model Johannes Huebl. Together with the beautiful people of Europe,London’s party elite joined Amber at Ibiza’s most fashionable club, Destino, to slurp on Espresso Martinis, Cîroc Coladas, Blue Stones and the Cîroc Coco Fresh, which even the #cleaneating crowd can approve of, given it’s made with jasmine syrup and coconut water.

The crowds danced the night away thanks to Amber’s slick soundtrack. Clearly, she had a fantastic time too, saying that “tonight’s DJ set at Cîroc’s On Arrival party was incredible. The crowd were amazing and it was great to celebrate with so many familiar faces and friends from all over the world who have descended upon this iconic island for the summer.”

Testino has been as enthusiastic about capturing Amber Le Bon’s Cîroc ‘arrival’ moment as she was about enjoying it! “I’m only interested in doing work with companies where I think there is something to be said,” he says. “In Cîroc’s case, it’s very different to my other clients because they had a precise idea – they wanted to do a campaign called On Arrival about people who are getting to a particular stage in their lives, and [it’s] inspired by Slim Aarons, so it’s two very defined ideas. They’re ideas that go well with me, because all I photograph is people who have made it, or are making it.”

Well ain’t that the truth…Le Bon’s DJ set at a fashionable Ibiza sundown spot during the height of the season would suggest that yes, she really has arrived. As if being hand-picked by the icon that is Mario Testino wasn’t enough, the photographer has said that “working with Amber Le Bon for this campaign was also a moment of reflection for me. Amber is part of the new generation making their mark on the world and I love to see the new generation breaking through. Having worked with her mother [super model Yasmin Le Bon] at the height of her career it’s great to see Amber having her moment of arrival now”.

Testino’s images capture Amber in instants of pure celebration against the backdrop of blue seas and white sand so synonymous with Ibiza. To say that we’re currently experiencing the worst FOMO so far this year would be an understatement. This looked like the party of the summer. It’s definitely going to be a while until we make it into Testino’s portfolio, but for now, Le Bon is shining in the limelight.

But hey, you can fake it until you make it and sip on the same cocktails as the campaign’s stars. To recreate your own Blue Stone, shake up 40ml of Cîroc, 20ml of fresh lemon juice and 10ml of vanilla syrup before topping up with soda water and strain into an ice filled glass (cubes only BTW).

If the Pineapple & Coconut Caipiroska sounds more like your kinda thing, then all you need to do is shake together 50ml Cîroc, 60ml fresh pineapple juice, 60ml coconut water and 5ml fresh lime juice with crushed ice, and then strain. Oh, and FYI, if you want to balance out the alcohol with “one of your five a day” (we wish) you can throw in a bit of muddled fresh pineapple and coconut at the same time as the other ingredients. Serve on the rocks in a highball glass. You can thank us later…

Campaign Photos
Barwerd van der Plas
Cîroc On Arrival Ibiza

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