Playlist: Remixes by Diynamic's Solomun

Diynamic label head Solomun talks us through his top picks from his retrospective compilation.

This is one for all the #househeads. Although the genre might have been twisted and tweaked in recent years following a stratospheric rise in popularity through the mainstream charts, we’re still partial to a spot of four to the floor house here at Wonderland. When you get disenchanted on a Soundcloud creep trying to find the next edgiest bedroom producer, it best to look back to the pros, and where better to start than with BBC Radio 1 resident and Diynamic’s label head, Solomun.

With a decade under his belt as head honcho of one of the best known artist-run independent European labels, it’s about time Solomun should step back and take stock of his extensive catalogue of work. Today sees the release of Diynamic’s 10 year retrospective compilation, pinning highlights of the last decade in house. The man himself put together his top ten tracks from the record for you to start your weekend with. Read on for Kevin Costner anecdotes and tales of Ibiza.

Kraak & Smaak – “Let’s Go Back feat. Romanthony (Solomun Remix)”

I cannot talk about this remix without naming the singer, who did this very prominent vocals. His name is Romanthony, and he was one of the most prominent voices of House music. I mean, there are not so many singers with this reputation in our scene. Most people may know his voice from Daft Punk’s hits “One More Time” and “Too Long”. His voice was really a special one and still is for me.

Foals – “Late Night (Solomun Remix)”

If you ever see a movie called Criminal, where Kevin Costner drives through London, in a super good mood because he was just released from jail, he turns on the radio and feels how great life is, when you are free man. He smiles and is happy, while driving through London – and the song in the radio he is listening to is this one. And when I first saw this scene in the movie I thought: “Wow. Kevin Costner is partying to my track in a Hollywood movie. Is this for real?”

Whilk & Misky – “Clap Your Hands (Solomun Remix)”

It was at the end of last summer when I did this remix and also played in Ibiza and I could feel that this tune is perfect for this Island. Easy, melodic, really good for outdoor parties. But I was even more surprised when I found out that this track is still on #2 of the most Shazammed tracks of Ibiza this summer. So it seems that this tune can survive one more summer, I often play it as first or last track, because it always puts the people in a happy mood and makes them smile.

Lana Del Rey – “West Coast (Solomun Remix)”

I always liked the mesmerizing voice of Lana Del Rey. She doesn’t have to do lot with her voice to get a big effect. And that’s why I was of course flattered when I was asked to remix her. I can really say, I never had stems with such a great quality of a human voice on my computer before and it was just a simple pleasure to put these vocals in a musical structure. I actually also did a more stripped down remix with less vocals that I used to play quite often, but this version here is the better choice outside a club.

So Phat! – “A Love Bizarre (Solomun Dub Remix)”

One of my older remixes and believe it or not, when I was checking on what remixes I wanted to have on this compilation I found out for the first time, that the authors of the original track are no less than Sheila E and Prince. And since I am a huge fan of Prince and was, I think like the rest of the world, really shocked when he passed away, but this is the great thing with art and music: you leave a legacy.

Noir & Haze – “Around (Solomun Vox Mix)”

This remix clearly marked my breakthrough. And I totally remember the whole production process, because it was so simple. From minute one, I knew what direction this remix had to turn, and after 5 hours it was done. I remember when I had the basic harmonies, saw the blocks on my computer-screen, I played the tunes, checked for some sounds and it instantly sounded good. This usually never happens, that’s why this remix is always special to me.

Liu Bei – “Atlas World (Solomun Day Remix)”

I already talked about the movie score story with Kevin Costner above. There was the chance to take this track here for the last scene of the movie Criminal. Honestly, they should have taken that track, because it really made sense in the scene even though the track was made without knowing the movie. The singer of the band, Liu Bei, is a very talented singer and I’m doing a collaboration track with him called “Let It Out”, which is gonna be released soon on the Diynamic 10 years compilation.

Stimming – “Una Pena feat. Paulo Olarte (Solomun Vocal Mix)”

A remix I did some years ago for my friend Martin Stimming. And the story behind it is also a little funny, because we cleared the rights with Paulo Olarte for the original, but for the remix we were asking the singer if he could sing the vocals again – over my remix. This normally never happens, but in this case it totally made sense and I was happy that we had the possibility.

Tiga & Audion – “Let’s Go Dancing (Solomun Remix)”

This one was really easy. Because the spoken word lyrics “Let’s go dancing / I wanna go dancing with you / all night dancing” are really outstanding and work like a dance command. So I needed to cut the vocals a little bit to make it more different from the original and soundwise I had a quite clear idea from the beginning. I don’t play this tune so much anymore but when I do it I always feel the energy from this track.

Luca C & Brigante – “Flash Of Light feat. Roisin Murphy (Solomun Mix)”

Talking about great voices before with Lana Del Rey you cannot ignore the mighty Roisin Murphy. She did sexy house tracks with amazing intelligent vocals years before others tried to do this. She is, in my view, a total icon of House music. She has a very special way to sing, her voice is sheer beauty and I mentioned it already: her lyrics always have this little special twist. So I didn’t hesitate when I was asked to remix her track “Flash Of Light”, and I am really happy with the result, because the whole production was under one assumption: the voice need to sound good. I guess it worked.

Solomun Selected Remixes (2009-2015) is out today on iTunes.

Playlist: Remixes by Diynamic's Solomun

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