Rollacoaster × Sink The Pink

We joined forces with the fabulous gang at Sink The Pink for a wild Rollacoaster launch party.

There’s a lot to love about LCM – not least of all the Sibling models. Still, the Rollacoaster party we threw alongside queer collective Sink The Pink (who we got familiar with in the latest Rollacoaster and here online) has to rank among the absolute highlights of the weekend. In case, by some strange and unfortunate twist of fate, you’ve never heard of Sink The Pink, then head out and grab the new Rolla for the full rundown – duh. For now, let’s suffice to say they’re a fluid and mobile crew of drag lovers who throw the wildest, most welcoming and most liberated fiestas in London. Get it? Thought so. For our party, we took the action to the lavish art deco splendour of Tower Hamlet’s Troxy and decked the place out under the watchful eye of Alex Clow: that meant a truckload of silver balloons festooning the room with their glittery goodness. Who else did we find kicking off the action on the decks, meanwhile? None other than Princess Julia, who spun some serious bangers before handing over the reigns to Gaff-e and then Jonathan Besley – killer, right?

With all of us throwing serious moves on the floor, it’s lucky that the good folks at Stoli were providing the vodkaa – and our friends at Chi were laying on the coconut water for those too high on glitter to need any alcoholic encouragement. Likewise, those inevtiable kebab pangs were satiated by exquisite snacks courtesy of The Giving Tree. Giving indeed. Oh, and which legendary popstress turned up? None other than the one and only Vanessa White: the erstwhile Saturday who’s now making some of the smoothest and most addictive RnB out there. Jealously looking at the pics and wild gifs by image-making queen Kate Bones – whose channel you can check out here? You should be. It was without a doubt the best (and most gorgeously queer) party of the season. See you next year…