7 Wonders – Secret Garden Party

The most glittery event of the year is almost upon us.

It’s back again and this year the theme is The Gardener’s Guide to the Galaxy. You’ll be in a gravity-defying atmosphere getting high from the giggles with your besties. Maybe it’s their version of Mars in a decades time, one thing for sure the glitter, like most year’s, will be on point. What we love about this festival is that it’s just as much about having bloody good fun as it is listening to the stars performing amazing music.

This is the place where there is absolutely no shame in releasing your inner child and dressing up as a mermaid is more than ok. In fact it’s amazing. The Lake Stage, you heard right, will make you want to jump in whilst the sun is beaming down on the sparkling water (British weather is subject to change – let’s be optimists). What’s a festival without being slightly sleep-deprived? No doubt you’ll be extremely excited for the 24-hour parties that they’re holding for us. Challenge accepted, if you think you can last that long leave a space free on your calendar between the 21st – 24th July 2016 to enjoy this three day bohemian fuelled glitter-loving spectacle. Here are our 7 wonders, letting you into the secrets of the not so Secret Garden Party.

Mermaid School

Didn’t we all have an infatuation with mermaids after watching the flirtatious mermaids in Peter Pan comb their hair through and laze about on rocks. “That’s the life” we thought. Prepare your pearls and swap your swimmers for flippers, the Secret Garden Party is the only festival that teaches you vital life skills like: how to be a mermaid. Stretch your gleaming shiny tails and wiggle away to an island far, far away

Astronaut Survival School (A.S.S)

Who said festivals weren’t educational? Practically become part of NASA when you enter SGP’s A.S.S. (get your mind out of the gutter) to learn how to endure the surrealness of space. A strong sense of survival and a lustful curiosity is a must. Think, Tough Mudder on the moon, this will be a cosmic in comparison allowing you to live beyond your galaxy. Show that you’re not just the toughest in the world – you’re the toughest in the universe! The faint hearted need not apply. Illegal aliens welcome.

Star Drive-Xpress

Sending us into space meltdown once again, we ask you this question: What happens when you throw a loads of Segways all into one orbit? Star Drive-X-press is what happens. It’s kind of like Mario Kart, right? And who doesn’t love a good (somewhat safe) Mario and Luigi moment, but with Segways! Battle it out with your chums and chase them round in circles like the shining star that you are.


With parties come games, it’s a given. SGP has a game for everyone and they aren’t your bog standard ones either. Expect to see ariel boxing, jelly wrestling (a bit sticky, but well worth it), zorbing football and suicide sports – not as bad as it sounds. They’re the only place where mud wrestling can seem a bit mundane. The festival is the home of ultimate silliness, and the Colosillyum is the place with the biggest smiles. Not quite sure how to be a silly space sausage? Don’t worry; they’ve got that covered

Punting on the Lake

The SGP location is famed for its outstanding natural beauty, and the marvellous lakes that are dotted around the site. Take the time on a sunny afternoon to grab a boat or a punt and paddle your way over to the waterborne stage that are some of the most amazing sets at SGP. Take a dip and doggy-paddle over to the famous Lake Stage, which is always one of the gardener’s favourite party haunts for it’s iconic centrepieces, art installations and party venues. The Pagoda is also a festival favourite – imagine something from the outer-reaches of the galaxy parked up next to a spectacular lakeside view and you’re beginning to see the effect.

24-Hour Parties Within the Party

Thanks to SGP’s appointed Voyage Crew of performers, fun-buskers and DJs the party will never stop. Day or night, they are there to fully immerse you in the party. Encouraging you to embrace your inner performer, the crew will take you through the 24-hour venues (sleep is for the weak), the unique b2b DJ sets and the secret parties – if you are lucky enough to find them that is. They’ll throw you in the mix at the paint fight and challenge you to a duel at The Collysillyum. The party is so wonderful you’ll never want to leave.


The Saturday night firework spectacle is the legend passed on from year to year, and each year getting bigger and better, if that’s at all possible. Probably the most famous festival firework display, SGP pull out all the stops to light up the sky and make you feel like the Earth revolved around SGP. Marvel at the LED stars that light up the sky, be mind-boggled by the water-born holograms and galavant around the stages that will lit up like Christmas has come early. It basically has. And we haven’t even go onto the the amazement of The Great Stage, space safari and learning to fire walk…

Lizzie Griffin and Annabel Lunnon
7 Wonders - Secret Garden Party

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