BoomTown Playlist

We’ve drafted in Kaptin Barrett to give us a musical tour of the 11 districts of BoomTown – plug in and read on.


This immense valley houses the Lion’s Den stage, a 40 ft high, ancient Mayan Temple hosting a massive Reggae, Dub and Jungle line up. There’s Jamaican superstars such as Damian Marley, Morgan Heritage and Inner Circle, as well as rising Reggae stars like Kabaka Pyramid and our very own Kiko Bun, Hollie Cook and The Skints. Other headliners include Ska legends, Madness and the incredible Fat Freddy’s Drop from New Zealand.

Fat Freddy’s Drop – “10 Feet TallW”

Town Centre

Not a district as such, but a central meeting place, where bands from all over the city are chosen to represent their respective areas. This makes for a raucous mixed bag that ranges from Leftfield to The Levellers. The energy levels are always high at this stage, opening with British Ska legend Bad Manners and closing with the world’s most successful Vintage Remix artist, Parov Stelar.

Parov Stelar – “Matilda”

Wild West

As you might imagine, this district is populated by cowboys, showgirls, bounty hunters and bandits, all ruled over by the city’s no-nonsense renegade Sheriff (yours truly). It’s centred round The Old Mines, now a large music stage with a mixture of Folk Fusion from all over the world. You’ll also find plenty of Bluegrass and Hillbilly bands in this district, the current favourite being Steve N Seagulls.

Steve N Seagulls – “Thunderstruck”

Dstrkt 5

The neon-lit, underground epicentre of the city, where little is off limits and all manner of twisted fantasies play out in the late night venues. This year we have three brand new stages (Robotika, Scrapyard and Sewage Works) and the incredible nine-storey Bang Hai Palace, a flame-throwing bass music mecca and the city’s most striking skyline spectacle. It’s also worth keeping your ear to the ground for ‘illegal’ street parties.

Enei – “Just One Look (ft. Charli Brix)”

Barrio Loco

The home of our current elected Mayor, Comrade Jose, and our brand new Vamos stage, which has a huge House and Techno line up. Legendary artists such as Derrick May, Derrick Carter, Octave One and Nightmares On Wax meeting talented upstarts like Billy Kenny & Will Clarke from Dirtybird. There’s also the bass-heavy live hub of Poco Loco, whilst outside you have The Dance Off stage and the infamous Bassline Circus bringing their ‘Athletes of the Night’ show.

Friend Within – “The Renegade”


The festival’s bustling hub of technology and trade. It’s also where you’ll find Devil Kicks Dancehall and ChinaTown Courtyard, our dedicated Ska and Punk stages. Music that lies at the very core of BoomTown’s history and heritage. Although Ska is little talked about any more in this country, there is a thriving underground scene and we have bands from as far away as Australia (Caravãna Sun) and India (The Ska Vengers).

The Ska Vengers – “Frank Brazil”


BoomTown’s ancient city port which plays host to the 90-ft pirate ship The Jolly Dodger, a stage which will feature some of the world’s finest exponents of Gypsy fusion, Balkan beats, Klezmer and pirate music on the bottom deck, and the spectacular Invisible Circus show up on the top deck.

Projekt Rakija – “Kafana”


A playground for the upper echelons of BoomTown society, where corrupted bankers, eccentric aristocrats and shady secret societies rub shoulders. This district houses a huge Electro-Swing and Vintage Remix line up at The Ballroom, with a selection of Brass Bands and Gypsy Jazz Swing on The Bandstand.

Big Swing Sound – “Doop”

Sector 6

For those who haven’t been following the story, our Mayor has become power hungry and corrupt which has fuelled the undercurrents of revolution in the city. The group leading the revolution have commandeered the local power station and shall be providing a bass-heavy soundtrack of Garage, Grime, Bassline and Dubstep.

Commodo – “Set It Straight”

Forest Parties

There are various stages hidden amongst the trees at BoomTown. The biggest two being our Psy-Forest, where the likes of Neelix, Hilight Tribe and Shpongle can be found and our Hidden Woods, which has an international line up of Reggae artists from all over Europe plus Jamaica, Japan, USA and even Iceland!

AmabAdamA – “Óráð”

BoomTown Playlist

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