New Noise: Magic Potion

Ahead of the release of their new album, we chat to Magic Potion about the past year and their ‘juicy’ new adventures.

In need of a mellow soundtrack to marinate in the sun to while anchored to your nearest park/beach/pool this summer? Magic Potion, the Stockholm slacker pop combo have got you covered. The blissful sound of their hazy melodies and bent out notes scream sunshine and will send you right back to a 90’s summer festival with no worries clouding the way of your iridescent tinted sunglasses.

Formed by Gustaf Montelius, Andreas Sandberg and Kristoffer Byström and most recently joined by Johan Harrius, their first album “Pink Gum” is set to drop in a few months time on the 27th May following the success of their first single “Deep Web”, a home-recorded gem that caught the attention of bloggers from around the world. Taking it back to basics, this is not complicated music at all, but their lo-fi hues are thrown together in an exceptionally clever way, producing a surf-rock vibe and making it all so very easy to like. Keeping their tracks sweet and simple but slightly unorthodox at the same time, Magic Potion are developing their own synth/dream-pop sound that’s slightly spaced out and psychedelic, but never in an intense way, giving us all kinds of breezy, melted feels.

You’re a relatively new band… tell us how you all got to know each other and how you’re finding it so far?

We all kind of knew each other more or less from playing in various bands, going to school together etc. Haren, who we brought in a while back, is an old thyme friend of Kristoffer’s from their teen daze.

You released your first EP “Melt” last year, what was your starting concept for creating that?

Melt was basically the three of us (before Johan joined) having fun with a tape machine. There wasn’t any real “concept” per say other than trying to avoid being too picky about stuff and finding the “inner piiz” ™

A lot of the songs names on your new album “Pink Gum” are food and related, is there a reason behind this?

Guess we see all the songs as lil’ gum nuggets. It kind of makes sense that the treat of a pop song is a bit similar to the sensation of consuming food & drinks. It’s yummy and it usually doesn’t last very long.

The album will be available on vinyl and cassette as well as being digital, why did you decide to go old school with the recording?

We just happen to be working with two very cool labels- PNKSLM Recordings and Beech Coma. So basically PNKSLM will be releasing the wax, and Beech Coma the tape.

We love that you self produce your tracks, can you tell us a bit about the processes of that? Do you all agree on everything?

We record on a 1/4–inch reel-to-reel that is constantly on the verge of giving up. We tend to avoid “producing”, total quality management (TQM) and instead keep it simple. We don’t agree on everything but Pink Gum was mostly a breeze to record and we are mega happy of how it turned out.

Will you be touring the album? Do you enjoy performing live?

We are sooo much looking forward to play the songs live. We’ve been holed up in the recording/rehearsal space for the making of the album so it’s gonna be a juicy adventure playing in other places and meeting kool new people.

Who is on your playlist for summer 2016?

Sam Cooke.

What do you hope the next year will bring you in terms of music?

We’re happy as long as we can have the luxury pleasure of playing sweet music together – all round the GLOBE.

New Noise: Magic Potion

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