To celebrate the fabulous world of Wonderboo, we’re counting down the best dog owners of all time.

For too long our cute, cuddly, canine friends have had to suffer diets of mind numbingly dull proportions: would you like eating dry, mouth-parching biscuits or sloppy, ambiguously meaty kibbles meal in, meal out, day after day? No? So why should poor Rex, Chico, or Cherub have such mundane and narrow-minded grub thrust upon them? Cue Wonderboo, the Swedish dog lifestyle company changing the game in true Scandanvian fashion – with useful yet eminently chic designs and products.

Their ethos is simple: let dog food be nutritionally-balanced and perfectly-styled. In a word, let it be fabulous. And don’t, for heaven’s sake, make a dog’s dinner out of it. After all, we’re all cold-press sipping, kale munching millennials (well, some of us…), so shouldn’t our dogs really have the same health-conscious treatment? Containing only natural Swedish ingredients like wholegrain barley and boneless cod – and absolutely no fillers or bulkers – Wonderboo meals are perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes. That means everyone from Jeffery the Great Dane to Karl the Chi-Poo can join in the fun. To celebrate the revolution, we count down the cutest, best and plain weirdest celeb dog owners: it’s only a matter of time before they’ll all be on the Wonderboo bang wagon – hop aboard!

Paris Hilton

gifnews paris hilton tinkerbell rest in peace

You have to start from the top, right? The pioneer of the vaguely-problematic trend for handbag dogs is surely the one and only heiress princess, Miss Paris Hilton: R.I.P. Tinkerbell – we’re pouring one out for you, doll.

Queen Elizabeth II

One in a long line of royal pup-lovers that stretches back to King Charles II, Her Maj is famous for her love of Corgis and has owned over 30 during her illustrious rein. What better accessory is there to throw with a pink skirt suit look?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson

Everyone’s favourite wrestler-cum-serious-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doesn’t feel the need to prove his masculinity with a mighty hound dog – he’s strong enough as it is. Instead, his little fella is the dinky pup you see above. Say hello, Hobbs!

The Obamas

Bo official portrait.jpg

Bo Obama is the Portugese Water dog who needs no introduction – but has a Wikipedia entry nonetheless. Sometimes known as the First Dog, he’s hypoallergenic so as not to set off Malia Obama’s allergies. Oh, and the picture above is his official White House portrait in case you were wondering.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s pint size critter, Miss Asia Kinney, has over 120,000 followers on Instagram, which we’re guessing is a lot more than you’ve got. Plus she modelled for Coach – how’s that for fabulous?

Britney Spears

There's a lot of responsibility that comes along with being Britney Spear's pup, no matter how adorable you are! Not only do you have to live up to her superstar status (and judging by the pink collar we think she's doing a fab job so far) but you also have to be a celebrity in your own right. Yup, to make sure her new pup Hannah got the attention she deserves, Britney set her up with her own Twitter which (despite only having tweeted a few times) she's already got nearly 10,000 followers. Careful, Britney, you could be creating a little diva!

Britney’s love bundle is called Hannah and, like Gaga’s doggy, has a hefty social media presence with a Twitter following of 10,000. Any dog mess on the carpet will allow for plenty of “Oops! I Did it Again” gags that we won’t indulge in here…

Marc Jacobs

Helping to turn around the bad reputation of Bull Terriers everywhere, Neville Jacobs does everything with his owner. From cosying up in bed together to frolicking at the sea side, these two are a match made in heaven – Neville even partnered with Sato Project to help abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico. What a guy!


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