With a star studded catwalk and a super-luxe, super-loud collection, Joshua Kane is here to be seen.

Gentlemen on acid

Of course the staple looks at Joshua Kane were all suits, the man’s a tailor after all, that doesn’t mean it was all about black, navy and grey three pieces. The standouts were rich coloured wide checks and a landscape sketchy print of the gentry we’d quite like as wallpaper too (if you’re reading Josh, please). Naturally the overall vibe was super smart and super sharp but in the kind of way rappers are at award shows, loud suit with extra details and shades. Slick.

Mitts off

If you get one thing for your winter wardrobe and you’re not a suit wearing kinda guy, get your hands in a super-sized pair of mittens. Houndstooth checked and in black and white or a rather more playful Dennis The Menace black and red colour scheme, they’re brilliantly loud and practical. What more could we ask for?

Baroque meets pop

From golden swirled jacquard dinner jackets to light velvets, there’s no denying this collection is super luxe. But, thank goodness, it isn’t confined to a grown-up wardrobe entirely. An element of pop snuck in with polka dotted shirt collars flashing through lapels and even headphones as accessories. Everyone seems to have fallen out with cuffs this season, leaving them to droop over fingers and Kane is no different, with the best example on an unzipped shearling jacket, spilling out into folds.

Long time Wonderland love, Machine Gun Kelly had his debut on the runway this season at Joshua Kane’s show, we caught up with both the designer and musician before he made his first step into fashion.

“This season I set out to bring my collection to life in every way possible, from creating a grander set than ever perform, allowing 1000 members of press, VIPS, celebrities and guests to watch the show first hand. I myself am always fascinated with ‘characters’, individuals known for both their personal style and character. This season I sought out a series of musicians for wanting to stand out in their own personal way. In doing this and involving them within my show I hoped they would bring my handmade English tailoring to life. Asking Kels to feature and close the show to me was a huge part of the season, allowing his personality to compliment the tailoring to invigorate a completely unique energy to the runway, after seeing his stage performing and being inspired. His performance in the show was phenomenal and the images to boot.” – Joshua Kane

What’s it like being back in the UK?

It’s a relief but it’s also a different pressure. It’s fun at fashion week because I actually get to go experience the culture rather than being inside of a venue.

What’s been your favourite thing so far? What are you most excited about?

I’m most excited to close the show tonight. It’s my first show, I’m closing it, it’s something I’m proud of. The piece I’m wearing, I’m proud of, the designer is someone I see a lot of similarities in myself. He’s crazy so that’s even more up my alley! Like I said, the piece I’m wearing, I can’t wait to put it back on.

Out of this collection, what do you like the most?

The suits, because Joshua is a tailor, everything is so perfect. Even for someone who’s six foot four, skinny and can’t find any clothes! I’m excited about the shoes because it’s his first line of shoes and I actually really really like them. I love the colours. Just cleaning up in general is exciting for me, everyone’s been working for six months.

How do you feel about walking in the show, moving into fashion as well as music?

The backstage of a fashion show is very different to the backstage of a music show! I don’t know if I can get used to, without the pun from Zoolander saying, “everyone’s really really really good locking” but it’s god damn good for me to be back here in this mix. I don’t know, I’m just gonna do me and sit in the corner then unleash everything on the runway and see how we do this first time.

What shows are you most looking forward to?

Obviously this one. I’m excited about the Moschino show, I’m wearing a cool piece at that. I love Moschino. Obviously the after parties because I’m a professional partier and also a champion partier! I’m ready to show a town that knows how to drink, how to drink.

How do you see London fashion?

I’m so inspired by punk that’s transpired into my clothes 30 years later and even my tattoos. It’s genuine, people out here like Joshua Kane, real fashionistas, it’s authentic not people just putting their logo on a shirt and selling it. It’s true craftsmanship. Also, holy shit, I’ve never seen some of the stuff you guys have here in my life, I never knew how truly intense even walking on a runway could be. I’ve never been nervous before taking a step in my life.

Would you ever consider starting your own label?

It would have to be something authentic, I’d have to earn my stripes, I’d never just pop up out of nowhere. I’m starting with this, seeing Joshua work, all it took was that to trigger my mind into wondering whether I’d like to pursue this. Would I like to apprentice someone like this? If I do it, it would be full on but for now I’ll wear other people’s clothes and try to make them look good but in time if it’s appropriate and people are encouraging me to do it then I’ll do something.


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