The Persian princess from our latest issue talks us through what she’s listening to right now.

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Motown singer with supermodel looks Snoh Aalegra amazed us with her presence in our most recent issue. She’s super cool, only confirmed by the fact that she’s casually best friends with Prince, and has worked with RZA of Wu-Tang on her most recent EP There Will Be Sunshine. Not like that’s a big deal or anything, right?

Snoh is adamant that when you’re listening to her music, you’re getting to know her just a little bit better. She isn’t interested in talking about love or sex, it’s all about her and who she is. Here at Wonderland, we think that’s quite novel. She spoke to us about how when she was younger she gained a passion for music and dance the old fashioned way (by standing in front of a mirror with a hairbrush, obviously) and that it was Lauryn Hill and Michael Jackson who made her fall in love with music. Like the artists that she loves so much, Snoh uses music to tackle various personal dilemmas.

We asked Snoh to pick out her favorite tracks for Wonderland, mainly so we could listen to them in the office and be as cool as she is. She sent us this lot, simply saying “I happen to be a fan of a lot of my friends”. Nice.

Prince – “The Beautiful Ones”

This song makes me feel all emotions known to man all at the same damn time. Is any playlist complete without this genius?

(Video directed by Albert Magnoli)

Cocaine 80s – “Anywhere But Here”

So the Cocaine 80s consist of three core members; No ID, James Fauntleroy and Steve Wyreman. These three people are family to me and this is one of my favorite groups in the world! Not just because I know them, simply because they are so DOPE!

Vince Staples – “Norf Norf”

Vince is one of the most interesting new artists out now. He truly reflects the time that we are in and might be a little a head of it too.

I’m very proud to call him my friend. This video is just everything,  (Video Directed by Spike Jordan)

DJ Dahi (music producer behind Drake) – “Worst Behavior”

Dj Dahi is simply the shit and one of the nicest guys I know. This is probably his most well known work, everything by this guy is simply amazing. (Video directed by director X and Drake)

Danny Seth – “Ladies and Gentlemen the British are Coming”

He’s definitely one to watch out for! He just dropped his debut album Perception and this is the video for his single “I Arise Because”.

This song and video is sooo sick! (Video Directed by Nick Walker)

JMSN – “Bout It”

JMSN is a love at first listen. He’s definitely doing his own thing! Don’t miss him on tour.

Sam Dew – “Victor”

Sam is definitely one of my favourite new artists out, I’m so impressed by his technical skills (watch his live show) as much as I’m a fan of his music. This is my favourite song off his EP Damn Sew.

Jhene Aiko – “Wading”

This song evokes something very special in me everythime I listen to it, This beautiful lady is a member of my ARTium family (No ID’s label)

(Video Directed by Alex Nazari)

Common feat Lauryn Hill – Retrospect For Life

Oh this song, I can’t even begin to explain how I feel when I listen to this beautiful song. This song is produced by the fam No ID & James Poyser. 

(This video is actually directed by the queen herselfMs Lauryn Hill)

Elijah Blake – “Strange Fruit”

Elijah has written songs such as ‘Climax’ for Usher and ‘No Love allowed’ for Rihanna just to mention a few. This is probably my favorite song of his performed by himself. (Video directed by Sean Alexander

WORDS: India Opie Meres


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