lot of dancing, outrageous outfits, messy drag queens and drunk straight girls. Welcome to your new favourite night: BUM.P


What do you do when the soaring rent in London causes all your favourite nighttime hangouts to close down? Start your own night, obviously. At least that’s what you do if you’re Wonderland’s Fashion Editor, Nicco Torelli and best friend (and architect/queer film maker) Samuel Douek. The duo, who’ve danced nights away together unstoppably for the past eight years, debut their club night BUM.P tomorrow at VFD (formerly Vogue Fabrics) in Dalston.

The revolutionary new night draws its inspiration from the crazy dance parties circa 2008 like Batty Bass and Boom Box (the boys assure us the alliteration is coincidental) and will bring together emerging performance talent from the queer art, music and performance scene with London’s best DJs from the old days and new. We grabbed a minute with Nicco and Sam to find out what to expect, how to dress and what to do to get ready for the night of our lives.

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What inspired you to set up this night? What should we expect from it?

There’s so much talk of places closing down in East London and many closures sadly happened in 2015 (Joiners and Nelsons Head ) and few other have been announced (George and Dragon ) and we have decided to stop complaining about places closing down and put out our own night: BUM.P

We want the night to be really fun and dancey, reminiscent of the Trailer Trash / Best Before day. A lot of gay nights these days are quite cruisy, we just want to create a really lively, inclusive and wild night.

Can you tell us a bit about the people playing?

Jacqui Potato AKA Julian Smith defines himself as a brain dead tranny, but he’s a respectable lecturer at a couple of London universities and an amazing DJ as well.

James Phillips is the founder of the night Best Before which was an amazing night in 2010/2012 with a huge number of people involved.

Charles Jeffrey is a Fashion East selected fashion designer from Central Saint Martins and also club kid. He is founder of the night Loverboy and supreme leader of the Loverboys.

Mischa Mafia is an amazing DJ and also a stylist.

What do you expect/want the crowd to be like?

We’ve mentioned how you’ll be able to find everyone and anyone at BUM.P and even though the crowd might fall into groups of narrow social definiton, the purpose of the event is to unite everybody in the space as a whole, gay / straight / bent / awkward / messy / loud/ bitchy – WHATEVER. Just come and have fun

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you’re about?

The BUM.P team are best friends Nicco Torrelli and Samuel Douek. After 8 years of interminable dancing together we have decided to start our own thing. Basically we were bored of not being able to listen to the music that we wanted to dance to when we went out. We’re more or less bringing Nicco’s lounge into Dalston and opening it up for everybody. Whilst the foundation of our friendship has been epic dance sessions and endless lols (obvs), we have also spent countless hours debating and theorising over the London scene and our place in it. Our passion about the closure of queer spaces and the threat to the community is part of the reason why we decided to start BUM.P.

Why Vogue Fabrics?

For us, East London has been the epicentre of London’s creative scene since the 2000s. Whilst it has disperesed from Shoreditch towards Hackney and is even heading south of the river, we felt that Dalston continues to stand as a beacon of London’s hedonistic culture. This is no truer than VFD (formerly Vogue Fabrics). Whilst some clubs have come and gone as crowds fluctuate and scenes change, Vogue Fabrics has maintained its position as the icon of Dalston, hub to most of the new exciting nights available. This is solely due to the fantastic team who operate it and have welcomed us with open arms and contributed towards the excitement. Lyal, Angela and Charles are a dream team and the venue itself is the perfect destination to launch our new night.

How should we get ready for the night?

Get ready for the night by planning a killer outfit. You need to look your best or your worst whatever you want just GO FOR IT. With early performances and later DJs you need to start working out some choreography with your friends or by yourself and getting excited. Its going to be ridic. Obvs come.



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