Phiney Pet made sickly sweet charming and youthful. Girlishness over sexiness secured Phiney a space in a different fashion dimension.


Town-hall party

Phiney Pet’s SS16 presentation ticked all the boxes in terms of originality, and first off, because the venue was a beautiful room in a church complete with pattern tiled flooring and a huge painted religious mural of the crucifixion covering one wall. The venue was hidden away just off of Oxford street, and felt completely secluded and quiet. The small room worked so well with the overall vibe of the collection, which felt very young: platform shoes, baby-doll dresses, tulle, bows, cupcakes etc etc. The collection was completed by the venue- it felt like a tea party anyone would be desperate to be invited to!


To add to this youthful feel, models wore Velcro-strapped platforms completely covered in ribbons and poms-poms in every colour- the handmade look of these was half of their charm. Wonderland predicts these shoes could be a big hit. The mint tulle dress with tiny bows all over it had the same appeal. Phiney Pettman (creator and designer) draws the original artwork that goes into every single print, herself. There were cupcakes, sweeties, batten-burgs, jammy-dodgers, eggcups and little woodland critters. Some designs were painfully hand painted to cover the entire surface area of oversized leather biker jackets in a multi-coloured patchwork fashion, never have we seen the age old hard-rock staple be turned into such an adorable colourful piece that could brighten up even the darkest of outfits.


Models sported the school girl look of sweeped-to-the-side hair secured with tiny clips, some wore boaters with elastic under their chin. The use of gingham cemented this schoolgirl feel (you remember your primary school summer dresses), used in a pair of shorts and most noticeably in a pair of wide legs trousers. It is possible that there were some influences of Harajuku girls or anime, but the typically English traits (boaters and gingham) meant that Phiney Pet dodged any stereotypes and the line felt incredibly unique.


We spoke to Phiney Pettman to ask about the line’s inspiration and what’s coming up this next year for the label…

How did you find this hidden gem?

I was looking for somewhere that was like a church hall party vibe from when you’re younger. You would never even know it was here. They don’t normally do fashion things here.

What’s your story and how did Phiney Pet come about?

I graduated from Ravensbourne wto years ago and when I was there Topshop picked me up and I was designing for them. Then there was interest in my own stuff and last year I set up the label, people seem to think it’s okay…

What was the inspiration for this crazy collection?

If Debbie Harry had a super sweet 16, this is what she would wear I think.

I’ve always wanted to do something creative, I’m into drawing I do all the prints and all the hand painted leather and this was the most appropriate way of channelling it for me. I love all the different textures. I never was that kind of sweet 16 girl when I was younger, I think I’m reliving it through this collection!

Your models are all so interesting and diverse- where did you get them from?

I decided to street cast this season, and I love it. I wanted a completely diverse group of girl, some are girls I’ve just met and been like-you’re a babe!I am getting everyone in there.

What do you have coming up this year for Phiney Pet?

I have some really exciting collaborations coming up but I’m not allowed to tell you who I am sorry! You’ll find out in a couple of months. I want to get bigger collection and launch my own e-commerce site which I think is really important for designers now I think.

Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

Not everyone in the world wants to wear colourful clothes but I want people to think they can access one thing from my collection and put it in their wardrobe.

So you don’t think you’ll develop your style into something more minimal eventually?

No- I’m a very colourful person, I will definitely stick to this kind of thing always.







Photographer: Thurstan Redding

Words: Abigail Southan


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