British female DJ duo Eli & Fur are mesmerising us with their sound, one low slung baseline at a time.

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Having met in school and formed an unlikely friendship, Eli & Fur moved in together in London where their love of music and clubbing became far more than a mere hobby. Aiming to reach people on a deeper level than that achieved by your average dance-floor filler, the duo are spending the rest of 2015 writing, traveling and doing the festival circuit, with Ibiza and Secret Garden Party in the mix. We catch up with the duo ahead of their new release “Your Eyes” on July 10th.

How did you both meet?

Eli: we met at a school, a sixth form collage outside Guildford near where Fur grew up, I remember I first saw her sliding up and down a muddy hill in the pouring rain, I thought she was insane, in a good way of course. We had different friends the first year but ended up going on a summer holiday together with a bunch of mutual friends and got to know each other then, we were quite different characters and still are but we just got on really well.

What music did you both grow up listening to?

Fur: I had a pretty vast musical upbringing. My mum had me listening to Depeche Mode, The Cure, George Michael, from a really young age, I couldn’t get enough of it. I also loved the imagery that came with it, the videos fascinated me, the style, the whole look and feel, everything behind the music, that was really interesting to me.

Eli: I didn’t have a lot of access to music when I was younger, my mum was into Musical theatre so the school runs were always interesting. When I got a bit older, I listened to anything guitar based, punk rock, pop, soul, blues. I remember going on Amazon to find music, if I liked something I would buy the recommended albums. I spent hours reading reviews, it was a weird hobby but I ended up finding some crazy stuff.

At what age did you try your hand at Dj’ing and what sparked that decision?

Fur: When we left school and we lived together in London, I was studying art at the time and Eli had a job in music, it was really exciting for the both of us to be living on our own, we went out as much as possible. If we liked a track at the time and the DJ was playing in London we would go, no matter how small they were. It was late at night after a night out and we just came up with the idea of doing it as a duo. We put our money together and brought some CDjs, It was for fun at first, we played a few friends party’s when we thought we were good enough. I remember our first club show was at Catch in East London, we loved it and from then on we were hooked.

Tell us about “Your Eyes”, what was the inspiration behind this track?

Fur: “Your Eyes” is special as it really did start with just chords and a vocal, we were just jamming and decided on a chord sequence we liked and the first thing Eli sung was “your eyes on somebody” we developed it from there but it was born really naturally and quite quickly. It’s great when it happens that way and it’s usually when you aren’t over thinking it. Our Inspiration comes from everywhere but when it comes to darker emotions it’s usually subconscious.

Yes, your tracks have more weight than a summer dance floor filler, how do you go about ensuring this?

Eli: This is key to what we want to get across in the music, feelings and experiences aren’t simple. You might be having an amazing time in the sun listening to your favourite track with your mates but in the back of your mind you’re thinking about something or somebody else. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just humans aren’t one dimensional, we have so many thoughts and feelings all the time. To create a track that can make you feel good but also reach people on a deeper level is the real challenge. I think not being afraid to really dive into that part of you helps when writing the tracks.

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So you’re headed to Secret Garden Party this summer, have you been before? What’s your favourite festival and why?

Eli: We have been! It was one of the first festivals we went to together five years ago and pretty much every year since, it’s always been our favourite and have so many amazing memories so to be playing is awesome. If someone had told us we would eventually be djing that first time we went we probably wouldn’t have believed them. It’s great how things work out that way. It’s very diverse. There’s something for everyone, it’s small, there’s a lot of effort put into it, all the art installations are amazing and the lighting, it looks insane at night. It’s changed a lot since the first time we came but it’s still very special.

Fur: Agreed. I’m also a big fan of Lost Village, Jaymo & Andy George’s festival that had its first year this summer. It’s quite similar to SGP in the sense that it’s small and in beautiful surroundings but with more focus on the dance music side of things which hasn’t really been done before, think it’s a really exciting one.

Tell us about your forthcoming US Tour…

Fur: I’m really looking forward to it. We start in NYC at Verboten then to Sound in Chicago, Splash House in Palm Springs, Sound in LA and then finally San Fransisco. It’s going to be an amazing experience and something we have wanted to do for a long time now.

Eli: I’m literally so excited to get out there, I’m such a fan of the U.S. and have been since a really young. It’s of course a very different scene in the UK and Europe especially when it comes to underground dance music but there’s so much musical history and you can’t forget that it’s where house music came from. To be playing in Chicago is awesome, not there for long but we’re going to try and immerse ourselves in the city as much as possible, it’s somewhere we have both always wanted to go.

What’s currently in your recently played playlist?

Fur: Troy Gunner – “Red Wine Lips” EP

Eli: A lot of Drake at the moment, I’m obsessed. We’ve actually just done a Spotify playlist that we will be updating every Friday which we are pretty excited about, has a mix of everything on there that we’re loving.

What else does the rest of 2015 hold for Eli & Fur?

Fur: our new track “Your Eyes” is out on the 10th July, excited for that. We’ve got a lot more music in the works, we spend as much time as we can writing as it’s what we really love to do. Then of course DJ gigs which were really looking forward to, in Ibiza lots this summer playing at Sankeys, Space and some others, we also have A Day At The Park in Amsterdam and Electronica Festival in Turkey coming up. We really love to travel and play music in different places as well as meeting new people, it’s one of the best parts about our job.

 Eli & Fur ‘Your Eyes’ is out on NYX, July 10th . Stream the track exclusively via Beatport here.


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